No doubt the production of a certificate of birth at the time relieves the employer of mucli responsibility, and also, to some e.xtent, a knowledge of the precise age affords the surgeon a basis on which to conduct his examination. In vitro sensitivity studies serve as a valuable guide to the antibiotic most likely to be most effective. A poor breakfast consisted of some picked-up made-to-order breakfast food without milk, and usually included tea left from the wage-earner's breakfast earlier in the day. Johnston, and the class was recently examined by Dr.

A very small particle of mucus enclosing pus cells and lymphocytes and a few alveolar epithelial cells was obtained from the stomach, and when stained showed about ten tubercle bacilli in a field. The following points should also be mentioned in this connection: i. Points in favour of the oedema arising from retinal vessels are: (l) A source of venous congestion in the presence of the thrombosed retinal vein; layer, which is supplied by the terminal branches of the retinal vessels; Points in favour of a choroidal origin are: (l) The macular portion is poorer in retinal capillaries than any other part of the retina, the fovea being has suggested grouping of the posterior ciliary vessels into three separate divisions, one being destined solely for the supply for the macular portion of venous and lymphatic return is produced by superficial vesicles of cedematous exudate, whereas in the two cases shown the oedema is in the deeper layers of than any of the other retinal layers, which depend on this structure for their The suggested explanation is the presence of a toxic influence, causing irido-cyclitis, thrombosis of the central retinal vein and degeneration of the delicate macular choroidal capillaries.

Was the subject of combined syphilis and leprosy. Cornil and Alvares have described the special character of these bacteria, which are capsulated and surrounded always by a dense transparent envelope, seen seen from above, and resembling a coccus.

He had a family history of diabetes and some changes compatible with incipient or latent diabetes. Our chief work is to convince him that we are just as scientific as he is, nay, oftentimes more so, and to convince him that our separation is likely to continue as long as he classes us with the christian scientist and other cultists, and refuses to investigate and prove for himself the merits or demerits of homoeopathic principles and practice. In my opinion, ether is not to be used, for if a patient's renal condition is sufficiently serious to require this manoeuvre, he ought not to be subjected to ether, because of its irritating action on the kidneys. A distinct domestic washing-house is indispensable. Costelloe: I am sure they would not attempt to do such a thing. The appetite is variable and the temperature is In the pulmonary form there is difficult respiration, rapid and shallow, but frequently no coughing. Gummata originating in tlie subcutaneous tissues may grow to the siie of a walnut. He would emphasise the fact that a dipsomaniac could not be Jcured in a short time. It is generally conceded that excessive maternal diet often does cause over-development of a fetus and a correspondingly difficult labor. The subject is too large for me to do more than thus indicate the lines on which it must lie.'ipproached. The percussion murmurs, but the first sound is loud, prolonged, and booming, often with a clicking or murmurish quality; if dilatation coexists it is shorter and sharper. Notes on the Need of Social Service in Psychopathic Out-Patient The occurrence of persistent sub-normal temperature in tuberculosis cases has attracted my attention for a long time, and I have been in the habit of calling the attention of my students to the fact that at a certain period of the disease, usually succeeding the active febrile stage, there is often a period when the temperature curve shows marked excursions in the sub-normal, the and rarely fully reaching this point.

The large intestine may be inflamed throughout its whole length, but it usually shows only some patches of congestion. The blood sugar examination was done simultaneously, and used to determine the nature of the case, as well as to watch the effects of treatment in a severe case of glycosuria in pregnancy. Turning to me, the patient exclaimed:"What's the use of having the best doctor in the city if he does nothing but make a diagnosis and give you a jolly? I am suffering agonizing pain and I want some relief. - if its origin from tlie pancreas is suspected it may be tested with regard to its power of digesting egg albumen.

Obese, and in particular the large mammary gland of stout women, may cause a great diminution in the normal intensity of the heart "" sounds as a whole.

Patient had four children, and three miscarriages; oldest child is twelve years of age, the youngest two. On the third floor are facilities for treatment by electricity and massage, and the fourth is equipped with Zander apparatus.

Among these several provinces of Belgium the ascendency was early gained by that of Brabant.

The men composing these' colleges' are all quacks; they do not attempt to pretend to require a sort of an examination before they issue these Let us endeavor to look for a moment at the results of this purely American system of medical institutions: on the part of many institutions, the" M.

The cavity of the femur is filled with soft tissue which is dark red in color, with some yellowish areas.