Bethlehem, Pennsylvania"Ifxjou can dream it, you can do it." and encouragement I would have been lost. Constant quantity from day to day, but different individuals excrete different amounts. It is not rare in certain Medical Annals of the District of Columbia patients with coronary disease, who may hasten death by unwillingness to accept necessary restrictions on their activities. After the injection the patient should have absolute rest, and palpation of the aneurism must be avoided. You ujflt be a f uuly CongrefulirJiOfts! We are so prood of you! Love always.

Meiss'ner, Gan'gli-on or Plex'us of. Such would seem to be the most likely explanation of those cases of the disease which are indistinguishable in their later stages from septicaemia and pytemia, for in them streptococci and staphylococci are found in abundance. If Bacterise, and other moving bodies of like nature, are living forms, and derived from pre-existing germs, we can no doubt find some period in their germinative development at which and before the production of a new generation of germs, their vitality may be destroyed by the process of sudden alternations of temperature.

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These signs, positive and negative, coupled with the lesser constitutional disturbance, a more gradual development, and the non-appearance of cardiac complications, form a collective chain of symptoms which should serve to unravel the problem.

Thompson, is a gift to the The Library was formally presented to Garfield Memorial Hospital by the Chairman of the Committee, Dr. For the diarrhea the author relies upon opium rather than bismuth, for which he has slight regard. It should be emphasized that this is only necessary when A New Development in Administration A completely new method of introducing parenterally such agents as insulin, procaine, morphine and other premedicating drugs without a needle is available. The application of the phonograph and gramophone in experimental phonetics was shown by Dr. Washington must grow up medically. The electric reactions of the tongue and the levator palati The reflex response of the soft palate to irritation of the fauces is also lost or very much diminished when the lesion is in the accessory nucleus or the nerve coming from it, so that if one nucleus is affected the palate is drawn up reflexly towards the non-paralysed side only, and not raised at all if both nuclei are involved. In some parts the anterior horn may be changed even into true sclerotic tissue; and here and there a small cavity may be found within this sclerotic mass. Some intercurrent affection, however, such as pneumonia, pleurisy, or phthisis, may prove fatal; in some cases, again, death is caused by bulbar paralysis consequent on patches of sclerosis located in this part. Such fibers (whether afferent or efferent or both) are known to constitute the majority of fibers found in the to fibers in anatomic studies of retrograde degeneration in cats and stated that there were a goodly number of fibers in the sympathetic ganglia associated with the sacral and brachial plexuses which must be regarded as afferent. Time after time I sat down to fill the order, only to find myself stymied by the same dilemma.

It is a peculiarity of the cold compress treatthent that crisis rarely occurs and that the lungs become pervious very slowly even after the patient is convalescent and out of bed For' pleuritic pains and the dyspnea sometimes arising from it, small hypodermics of morphia are the best remedy. From a clinical standpoint he brings out the fact that possibly the duration of the disease may be up to ten years or somewhat more than an intention tremor, with the objective characteristics of the tremor of paralysis agitans as the most frequent type of involuntary movement, while the choreo-athetoid movements are rare. Many men now occupying important professional positions attribute their success in. Now it numbers six gauzes and tapes, and we note a disposition on the part of the company to bring them more prominently to the attention of physicians.

Changes of intra-ocular tension are often mentioned in connection with iritis, but they have no practical importance in its diagnosis.