The results of the operative and post-operative treatment alike, will depend to a large extent upon the time that elapses between the perforation and the operation, for these cases in a few hours pass from living pathology into post-mortem pathology; therefore, with an abdominal calamity of this kind it is imperative for the physician to make up his mind at the earliest possible moment. It is clear that, as a rule, infection of the mastoid antrum, and possibly also of the cells, is an early comjDlication, and caries and necrosis of the bone are met with. Thus, inflammation of the brain, according to Dr.

The failure of the intellect may show itself in different ways: as simple coma, as coma with restlessness, and in some cases as violent, noisy delirium. I may add to this, that there are some animals whose anatomy is so peculiar that it only ( - it was distinctly infectious, and spread" I have hei-e brought before you," Dr. The reader may judge of this change in his mind by the following passage:" An et naturje humanse facultas inest, moleculas, acris detritas aut intropressas angulis, in sphserulas tornando, blanditium creandi? Non satis constat speciosam ideam fequaliter in fluidam raixtione chcmica magis quam mechanica rotundatione, id opus perfici."f In effect, tliere not only was at this General neral feeling among the cultivators of medicine, that nei-y'ews loas, ther the laws of animal chemistry nor of the living fibre existence. A primary intoxication rather than a bacteriemic invasion is thus suggested. The twitching of the face and strabismu-s remain the same those of the abdomen are rigid. Open, on the other hand, a book on special pathology, you will certainly find therein the question indicated, than truly studied, examined, discussed and judged. I dressed the exposed tissues by introducing into sloughing commenced in the parts incised; local treatment continued; internally, five-grain sulph. He was led to the use of the chlorate in such cases by the Experiments of Davy and Stephens, who pointed out that an alkaline salt when brought into contact with the blood gave however, denies the statements of O'Shaughnessy.

The dlseoveiy of the tabsiraltt sot added to oor knowtedgo of prftpjiylaxia.

Perhaps the chief desideratum in connection with the late meeting was the weather; and if any one has any fault to find annual meeting, they are surely very hard to please. It may be noted with a melancholy interest that these sketches met with the recent approval of the veteran chemist Dumas, who died only a few days ago. Bowels the presence of multiple toxic alkaloids analogous to ptomaines; besides, last year he informed us that the faecal matter is eminently toxic in the dialyzable portion of it and that, apart from the fatty matters, the coloring and volatile matters and the biliary acids, it is capable of determining couvulsions and death The products of intestinal putrefaction pass into the blood.

The mucous membrane of the mouth and pharynx shows either speckled or diffused redness, sometimes one, sometimes the other; sometimes there are also swelling, and aphthous formations; the tongue has a whitish coat.

Geber does not believe that the disease is contagious, but considers that there is in certain persons a predisposition to the formation of these tumours, and that in a number of cases local irritation is an exciting cause. She has been the glowing tire at which an unending procession of students have kindled their torches, and bcrne them burning to the uttermost A VERT thin attendance of members was the not unnatural result of endeavouring to get the Pathological Society to work on Easter Tuesday:

Richardson has lately recommended a mixture of bichloride of methylene and sulphuric ether, under the name of methylether, as a very useful anaesthetic. The principle is obtained by digesting the bruised leaves in cold water for twenty-four hours; the juice is then expressed and its presence is proved by its action in converting starch into sugar. Some surgeons have been blamed because of too early surgical interference upon the mastoid process ( This formed an ideal focus for the spread of infection. Unfortunately, theory has oftentimes outrun, obscured and discredited knowledge; and it is therefore not surprising that the powerful and responsible officials who administer and alter the common law should refuse to make changes, of the reason and necessity of which the j have not been convinced.

Sydney Jones showed a magnificent series of bones from a ease of multiple exostoses. In checking the zavagei of the rinderpest, which system, he ssked, gained the day, tiie TaeoinaUDn ni tiie doetom or the polesn antidote for glanders; but we know that tbe dissnss can ki in which protective inoculation had been attempted vitk Kuch partial succsss aa to bs replaced by purely pnfr engaged in finding an antidote ia playing wiUi tte malady which the experience oC Giinborgh has sheas can be exterminated by" pnrsly practical means in a much lesa space of time, and with much Wa attendoot dasgo to man and snffcring to animals, than it caa ever be by Uis adoption of purely aolentlfic measures.'! The same he hrid to be true of anthrax; and quoted the discrepant opislooi of T'asteur and Koch aa regards the value Of protective inoenlation in thia diseaae. This she thinks shows that the voices are in her head and not real. This condition applies especially to dairy stock and to breeding cattle, but in preventing interstate movement of tuberculous animals, live-stock sanitary officials recognize the need for doing the work in the most expeditious manner. In the first class of cases the face, as a rule, grows pale, and we note a stoppage or irregularity of the pulse, whilst respiration continues a little longer; in the latter class of cases, the various disturbances of respiration and the interruption of the breathing precede the stoppage of the pulse. The relation of man to other members of the order Primates was the problem which, it may be said, gave origin to anthropology, and endless discussion has taken place, especially during the last fifty years, round this subject.