In many cases the ingenuity of the surgeon is taxed to the limit. The chief danger of diaphragmatic paralysis is the accumulation of mucus in the chest; a full inspiration is impossible, and so coughing becomes difficult. Gout, situate in the articulations of the foot.

His appetite is very capricious. Nor is it practicable to judge beforehand from either the duration of the antipyretic effect or its degree, of the amount of the rise of temperature which will take place. PEDILU'VIUM, from pedes,'the feet,' and PEDORA.

With this are numerous functional disturbances, dizziness, loss of appetite, digestive disorders, pains in the joints and muscles, lassitude, and indisposition for exertion.

The en efficacy of salol is certainly dependent on the salicylic acid, still there is many cases which will not tolerate either salicylate of soda or salicylic acid.

This is a specimen, taken" That great success may crown your toil," You coronilla fair and mistletoe,"Which tell of difficulties overcome" As victories proclaimed by beat of drum" And rock-rose, currants too, of savor" That all your strivings may much favor After invoking Hymen and the Muses, the doggerel runs through several dreary pages, and winds up with an improvement This sounds to Western ears more like the"hee-haw!" of an ass than the roar of If the Faculty of the Jefferson School of Medicine had the most remote suspicion that they could by any means be supposed to be responsible for such stuff as that, they would apply to the Legislature for a change of name. TtpaiKTos,' the anus,' and icaKos,' evil.' A disease of the rectum, so called by Fuehs, which, according to him, is common in Peru, in the neighbourhood of Quito and Lima, on the Honduras and Mosquito coasts, in Brazil, and on the Gold coast, Valle, from its prevalence in the valleys: and ii Africa, Bitios de Kis. They are believed to be from MALA'CIA, from naXaKia,' softness.' A depravation of taste, in which an almost universal loathing is combined with an exclusive longing for some particular article of food.

Flavor with sugar and condensed milk, if fresh milk "" is not available. In the latter situation they are seen and removed with the greatest difficulty, and the removal should not ordinarily be attempted by "hr" other than a physician.

In this country cholera has proved fatal in twentyfour hours, and it seldom lasts longer than three or four days: rosary. The deleterious principle appears to reside in the kernel, and in the active principle called Pierotox'ine. The brain was sent to the parsonage at Seebach, and all the household became affected by the same disease. Complications are certain lesions or symptoms which are the result of the original disease, but only occur from time to time, and are not regarded as a necessary part of the disease; thus abscesses are a complication of enteric fever; haemoptysis a common complication of phthisis; parotitis a very rare complication of pneumonia. Its spread is stopped by cold, but it will survive the winter, and break out again in the spring or summer. Seu Conncx'io cartilagiii'ea, Choitdrosyndesm' us, sternum, by means of their cartilages of prolongation. The condition may stream, as well, as in those which lie in venous pockets outside the course of the direct current of blood. Report in person "espaol" at Jefferson Barracks. Disease is to be regarded as representing tlie result of a series of processes called morbid or pathological, from the fact that they are nmuifested by disturbances in the organism. In one large octavo volume, SURGEIIY', in reference to the Process of Parturition. A convex lens which unites parallel rays at two inches from its optical focal distances. German affected side of the head is said to be pale and cold, with contracted arteries, dilated pupil, and increased secretion of saliva, while on the affected side in the latter there should be flushing, a hot red ear, contracted pupil, throbbing temporal arteries, and unilateral sweating. A blister to the loins will occasionally check, in a remarkable manner, the inordinate secretion of urine.

Briddon referred to a case in which he performed tracheotomy to relieve dyspnoea from syphilitic ulceration of the larynx, and the man continued about his business as a waiter at Delmonico's for six months, breathing through the tracheotomy tube. The mortality after the operation is very small indeed.

Fold the blanket to three thicknesses across the shorter edge; the fold middle of the shelter tent, the end of the folded blanket about one inch above the folded edge of the tent; fold the side parts of the tent over the blanket; roll tightly from the exposed end of the blanket with the hands and knees and bring over the whole roll the part of the tent that was turned On account of the inelasticity of the canvas it will be found necessary, just before turning over the part which binds the roll, to spread the canvas a little where it folds inside, at the "" end of the roll. Clinical observations on man have supplemented experiments on animals, and already fruitful practical results have been obtained, so that the trephine has again come into use, but on far different grounds from those theoretical ones which guided its application espanol at the beginning of the century.