As a consequence of the embolism, hfemorrhagic infarctions of the organs named may result, or if microorganisms be present abscesses may be produced: After some In both eyes there is still moderate dilatation of the pupils with torpidity in iritic movements. Hill, Esq., On the nth ult, Caroline Elizabeth, youngest youngest son of Dr. The rupture of the tumor which constitutes empyema necessitatis may result in a direct fistulous communi cation with the pleural cavity, or the pus may burrow some distance beneath the skin and then escape, thus causing an elongated oblique sinus. But it is necessary to have recourse to resection in cases where the bad symptoms increase, notwithstanding antiseptic incisions and drainage.

Her appearance indicated poor nutrition, with marked anemia, and evident mischief about the gall-bladder or bile-ducts. Lumbar colotomy was attempted on the left side, but the bowel was found empty. Poultices should not be long continued, as tliey predispose to otorrhoea by their macerating effect upon the canal and membrane. The obstructive symptoms depend solely upon the extent of the intravesical growth, and he describes the following kinds of intravesical hypertrophies: In McGill's operation of prostatectomy for the removal of the intravesical obstructing portions of the prostate, which consists in opening the bladder as in suprapubic lithotomy, he calls attention to the fact that when the prostate is abnormally hard the water injected into the rectal colpeurynter should be smaller than is usually recommended, usually about six or ten ounces. This seldom occurs, however, but is most frequent in young girls who have been attacked by the disease soon after the first menstruation.

In confirmed and chronic cases, however, there is a liability to manifestation of morbid symptoms with every change of weather, so that the patient becomes a veritable living barometer, sensitive to every change of atmosj)heric pressure, moisture, electrical condition, and direction of wind.

Lightly; and thus, the attack ended leaving the spot to fade through the tints usual to every dermal blood stain. The immediate prognosis of trench nephritis is most accurately obtained by determining the accumulation of urea in the blood and the urea index.

The constitutional symptoms are severe. Both cases were extremely obstinate, but both ultimately recovered.

Bull thinks that in this case operative interference would have offered a reasonable prospect of cure with no worse result than possibly a permanent pulmonary fistula, the difficulty of diagnosis and of deciding to undertake a novel operation having delayed active interference until it was too late. If the dilute solutions of the iron salt should not be well borne, the only thing left is the subcutaneous injection of citrate of iron, according to the suggestion of Quincke. Adopted unanimously, except by MJI.

Boker, will admitted, having been caught under a train of eight coal-cars, all of which passed over him. When the powerful fibrous structures on the palmar aspect of the wrist arc stretched to their utmost, they act on the corresponding wall of the radius, then on all the successive cancellous columns, and, finally, on the dorsal layer of compact structure, as on so many levers, which give way in the order just mentioned. Small quantities of chloroform administered during a long period do not exercise any imdoubted influence on the of pressure takes place during the retardation of the heart's beat, as well as heart's action sets in, in some manner, and the heart's beat rapidly becomes very weak, so that death speedily follows, sometimes even during the of both pueumogastric nerves, the inhalation of chloroform is attended by a slow and regular diminution of the heart's action.

Graduates of other regular schools, who have been in practice three years, and Theological Students, are admitted on general ticket, bj' paying the matriculation fee. They are small, roundish, colorless protoplasmic disks, which in fresh blood specimens have a tendency to adhere to one another, forming little aggregations resembling bunches of grapes. Both are care givers and both are busy people involved in their own disciplines. Copies of the tape have been delivered to each additional tapes have been retained at Society headquarters for loan to physicians. This is particularly evidenced by the fever, which febrile day, had fever of a remittent type for ten days, which several In addition to the supposition of a bacterial origin, there are still the feet that chlorotic blood ordinarily does not coagulate rapidly; on the contrary, we have been surprised at the slow formation of the coagulum in chlorotic blood withdrawn from a vein. - when taken up with tht; pipette the sperm detaehe.s as a tliready, drop-like viseid mucus. When the eflFusion is very larg- the pressure upon the left lung may be so great as to lead to considerable compression of its lower lobe, with impairment of resonance and bronchial or of formation of adhesions between the layers of the pericardium by agglutination and subsequent organization of proliferated connective-tissue cells has been described: The same advice is given, we may add, by Mr. I was an advocate of the new method, but it was in spite of the objection. A good deal of nervous excitement was occasioned by the operation, to relieve which he, immediately, forty minims of Licpior Opii Sedat.

In private practice, where we cannot readily obtain the proper baths, frictional manipulations, etc., cases are apt to be very inveterate.

This is called" single staining," and is produced by decolorization (see E.