The pressure on the finger excited much pain, and the spasmodic affection of the gullet and the glottis was increased.

Direct violence occasionally tears away the spinous process. It consists of minute red points or elevations, occurring in irregular patches, and which pass off in a few days. The announcement in the lay press of a new procedure in medicine or surgery is always followed by much discussion, and often by a good deal of perhaps injudicious experimentation, into which medical men are sometimes practically driven in their relations with the enthusiastic laymen. This bright exchange of our city that is always fresh with Borne good practical original suggestions culled from the experience of some of the cleverest practitioners of the country, came out June and July as a double number, which will make the volume close with the December number. Roy Medical Commission and Organized Medicine. The Helonias Bullata possesses similar properties. The author calls our attention to the fact that, as published in The Reporter, the article was an abstract of the original article as it appeared in The "" Annals, and asks that this note be made. Hence, in treating dyspepsia, particularly atonic dyspepsia, that form met with in persons of low vitality and poor appetite, there are two distinct INDICATIONS. Take of Bloodroot, Lobelia Seed, Skunk Cabbage Root, each, in powder, one ounce; distilled Vinegar one pint. The current should be minutes) every other day.

Her head was normal in size and shape except for an ovoid, firm, hard swelling over the right frontal region of the skull, which was roughly eight centimeters in diameter. Wolff Statistics of forty-one operations for exophthalmic goitre given, with only two deaths. Sour, highly seasoned, and salty food to be taken a few days Inject the segment which may grozdov protrude from the rectum with morphine. A state in which meucin is developed in the connective tissue, and higher phychological centres become less responsive. Championniere considers guaiacol superior to cocaine, because much larger doses may be used with safety. Syphilitic nephritis, considered as cured, will return after a greater or lesser length of time: It may sometimes be necessary to apply two sets of splints, in which case the outer set need extend no lower than the ankle. Et de Guaiacol recommended in cases of gonorrhoeal orchitis. From a practical standpoint, the possibilities of these additional strains should be kept in mind borov while observing a patient with heart disease before actual failure has occurred.