We have made use of the drug for this purpose in several cases with satisfactoiy results. The eggs are of a yellowish-green color, rather opaque, and apparently finely granular (Bavay); in their general appearance they While infection originally takes place through the filariform larvae of Anguillula stercoralis, an auto-infection may also occur without the intervention of the sexually differentiated forms, by a direct transformation of the rhabditiform embryos of the parasitic mother animal, and there is evidence to show that this latter cycle is indeed the more common. For the identification of the meningococcus the method is quite valuable; some strains, however, are agglutinated only after twenty-four hours and at a temperature is beset with technical difficulties which are hard to overcome. Though this may apply in a number of cases, a study of the literature shows that it cannot be considered the rule. THE AMERICAN ASSOCIATION AT ST. It causes increased thirst by loss of water by free perspiration, which loss induces a child to take more food into its stomach than it can digest. H." is that teaching of homoeopathy. A special committee of the Municipal Council of Paris, presents a report advising the creation of a special laboratory for the bacteriologic examination of diphtheria. THE SCIENCE OF MEDICINE MADE KNOWN IN A PLAIN, COMPREHENSIVE A PLAIN, PRACTICAL AND COMPREHENSIVE TREATISE UPON THE IN THE TREATMENT OF THE MOST COMMON FORMS OF DISEASE TO WHICH THE HUMAN FAMILY IS SUBJECT, WITH A CONCISE DIRECTION FOR THE PREPARATION AND USE OF A NUMEROUS COLLECTION OF THE VEGETABLES MADE USE OF, AND DIRECTIONS FOR PREPARING AND ADMINISTERING THEM TO CURE DISEASES, AND AN APPENDIX DEVOTED TO THE TREATMENT OF DISEASES IN HORSES.

It may be diffused over much of the abdominal cavity, or it may be confined to a particular point, but at an advanced period of the disease the whole cavity usually becomes tender or uberaba painful.

As this stratum does not exist in the mucous membranes, the changes in the mucous epithelium soaked in purulent fluid end in the formation of a flabby, greyish, Let us first consider the chancre of the mucous membranes, taking a chancre on the corona of the glans.

The hair was shaved for a radius of several inches around the site of the intended incision. For this reason it may be expected that the results of these cases of limited section of the sac will approximate to the results of Petit's operation, to which they bear a certain resemblance, and that they will bear no very unfavourable contrast to it, although its principle is not so perfectly carried out. ',.",,"Esoteric Medical History' of the Oneida Community." Twenty-five new members were elected to membership. While, therefore, it cannot fail to be a matter for general congratulation, alike to allopath and homoeopath, that a more harmonious feeling is springing up between the two great medical parties, there is need of still further concessions on the part of the old school, before the homoeopathic body can consistently join heartily in the work of reconciliation. If the bruise reaches to the sore, the pain, while the bruised parts are being restored, will be very great.

In fact, from the very nature of the case, it cannot well be otherwise. Prognosis and Surgical Treatment; viii, Hematomyelia and Sudden Paraplegias; ix, The Reciprocal Relations of Hypertrophic Cervical Pachymeningitis and Syringomyelia; x, Syringomyelia, Histology, Metamerism of the Sensory Centers; xi, Spinal Syphilis; xii, Spinal Hemiparaplegia with crossed Hemianesthesia, Syndrome of Brown-Sfiquard; xiii, On the Abolition of the Muscular Sense and on the Sign of Romberg; xiv, Tabetic Arthropathies and Sensory Troubles; xv, Trophic and Sensory Disturbances; xvi.

In the new edition of his" Laryngoscopy and Rhinoscopy." Dr.

The book is, however, a pleasure to the eye, and will be easily read. From the extensive influence of emetics on the system, they are adapted to diseases of this kind; they stimulate the stomach, liver, pancreas, brain, and whole nervous system, and usually bring on more or less perspiration.

" It is now pretty generally admitted," says a writer," that the scarlet fever, in all its forms, as well as putrid sore throat, (cynanche maligna,) is produced by the same specific contagion." and shivering, like other kinds of fevers, with nausea and often vomiting, great sickness, succeeded by heat, thirst and headache; sometimes in a very mild degree, at others more violent.

The animal is placed under observation. Free hydrochloric acid is absent and the total absent or present only in traces; larger amounts are exceptional, and practically only met with when marked dilatation complicates the case. No official report of the number of cases of any disease is ever given here.

After a confinement or abortion, especially if accompanied by an unyielding, and therefore probably by a torn cervix, a prolonged labour necessitating instruments, or a chill, the patient has symptoms of general pyrexia, with some local external tenderness, and, maybe, considerable internal pain.

In a few days the symptoms improve, and in a few weeks the patient is cured. Drachm of pus around appendix. The bronchocele doubtless also acted as an additional What appears to constitute a general principle in the laws governing malformations, is likewise illustrated by this case. The ammoniacal decomposition of urine is said to be due to.