On examination, there were two fistulous openings in the perinaeum, through which the greater portion of his water passed. Piles consist of distended skin and connective tissue, with contained extravasation of blood, and deposit and organization of lymph, from local congestion. Embryonic stage of the development of the Seamstress's Cramp. A superficial or cursory examination with a guess should never be indulged in here, if the physician values his reputation or his pocket book. Typhlitis is inflammation of the caecum or caput coli.

The introduction is short and precise, giving in an interesting way the different methods of making a diagnosis. The weight of the fleece varies from four to eight pounds per head. Although in this way some progress has, doubtless, been made, there are still room and need for more. The fee which would otherwise be got for vaccination from those who are able to pay, is lost by the instructions of the Board of Supervision. As a result small amounts of fluid may be overlooked. Tor ourselves, we may say that the loss most valuable kind, on the application of phy.siology to therapeutics, and which he was probably of all persons ON THE ABUSE OF HYPODERMIC INJECTIONS OF Now that the hypodermic use of morphia is brought iuto sensation novels as a melodramatic device, it may indeed be said to have reached the height of fashion.

The former is indicated by the animal being ready for his food as soon as he comes in from work, and eating his allowance, if good sweet provender, with evident relish; but the latter is indicated by a constant craving for food and water, without regard to the quality of either, the animal oftentimes in addition to his usual allowance eating up the litter from under him, which is frequently in a very filthy condition. The time that has elapsed since he acquired the syphilitic infection is now about six weeks. The whole of the materials are moistened and blended together, and, after being well steamed, are given to the animal in a warm state. The jury brought in a verdict in accordance with the captain's testimony. The stripes run for the most part crosswise or oblique.

It is not every communication that is privileged.

After the milk diet, it was white meat first, never red, and an egg every other day. Acute periostitis is either traumatic or the result of infection; the chronic is due to traumatism, syphilis, tuberculosis, or actinomycosis. The injections are DOSAGE OF HYDROCORTISONE (COMPOUND F) The metabolic and therapeutic effects of cortisone and hydrocortisone are similar. We have therefore caused four samples to be taken from four of the most eminent manufacturers in London. Persons subject to angina pectoris may, however, live for many years.