Under symptomatic diagnosis there is not much actually new to record. Remove at once to high or new ground should the disease appear. A Gigli saw was passed and the bone cut through. Notes on cysts of the for tumor of the uterus complicated by Camden (X I ) District Medical Society, Camp I honias three months' experience Campbell. The method offered the advantage of relieving empyema without the shock of a traumatic pneumothorax. Four days after commencing the use of mercury, the child was seized with convulsions, which recurred at intervals for two days, during and after which time, the medicine was suspended, and nothing used internally. Under the conditions suggested they live rather better, begin to save money, become more third class all their lives. In synoptic form he discusses the various points in the personal history that bear upon the diagnosis of the underlying cause of headaches and then gives in minute detail the steps in the examination of the patient, indicating the importance of each sign. A disease equal in all respects in different cases, may destroy the lives of some, while others recover, owing to the diversity which exists in different persons as regards the ability to sustain and overcome disease; and in the management of diseases, it is often the chief aim of the physician, in the language of CuUen, to obviate Prognostics are those circumstances on which a prognosis is based. Countless generations have served their time, some well, some ill, and have passed into oblivion, but their partial victories have made you stronger and placed on you a greater responsibility. Parietal eminence, and rendered him insensible for a short time. Diagnosis: Primary round cell sarcoma of the ovary (alveolar THE TREATMENT OF INOPERABLE CANCER. And measures addressed to the anfen not anaemic or plethoric, the same disease might claim measures of a qui When simple ansemia exists, and the cause producing it has ceased, after a hemorrhage, the reproduction of red globules under efficient mc iron and sixty-four grains of the metal, the proportion of globulin hi her lips colorless; now, she presented really a blooming appearance." two cases given by Andral and Gavarret, the red globules were increase anaemia, with our present knowledge of tonic and analeptic medicatio affords an excellent opportunity to display the resources of medical art occasion diminution of the red globules, all that can be said, with oi present knowledge, is, that they genei"ally appear to act by impairing tl liqiLor sanguiniH, Further than this the pathologist cannot go until tl physiologist explains how and where the red globules are formed from tl elements of the blood-plasma in health. Brinsmade as to the time that these alkalies should be given because it is in the morning that the acid creates the greatest disturbance. Examination showed both ear drums retracted, and reflex diminished. No control over the sphincters remained:

The umbilicus, extending nearly to the iliac region on each side; also patches on his shoulders and in each axilla, and several well defined small circular spots on both legs and knees. No displacement of the spinous processes could be detected, accident, from asphyxia. The left side of the thorax was filled with blood and the left Jung completely col Lapsed. The vomiteil liquid containing sarcine wj also contain the yeast fungus in abundance.

In cases in which there is danger from the amount hemorrhage, entire rest of the stomach is essential, the system being si ported by nutriment and stimulants administered per enema.

Hemorrhage has only occurred twice irr pea, and when exceeding in magnitude the head all the cases, ami in both instances it was per" Fibrous tumours are developed either in the cellular membrane under the peritoneal coat of the uterus, or between the layers of its muscular or middle coat, or immediately between its middle and mucous coats. Here the dyspspsia is intestinal; the stomach works well and performs its functions with vigor, but testines, it produces a great deal of discomfort, because the supplementary digestion is deranged, and its performance attended with much labor and difficulty. There was no consolidation of the lung, but it was stained, of a dirty greenish color externally, and was softened within.