I do not know its history; but the mechanism of such dilatation is intelligible enough. PRIMARY CARE INTERNIST - The Everett J.C. It may result from internal (pathologic) causes as well as from those of external environment. He urges that where there is any difficulty in placing the finger fairly within the femoral ring, the large flat director should be used, as more certain to enter the abdominal cavity, and that should the bowel not go up freely, the incision should be extended upwards to Poupart's ligament, and even through that structure if necessary, so that a thorough examination of the parts may be made. Acting Assistant Surgeon, M V Safford.

Occasionally, pain or tenderness in a particular spot, or a palpable tumour, may indicate the site of It remains that I should say something more respecting colic; which may exist independently of enteritis, and of mechanical occlusion of the bowel: although the three are very often combined and intermixed in the course of the same disease. Experiinoutal Indicating that Paraxanthiu Poisoning is study of tfie literature, Moran concludes that the utir-f is asepsis rather than nnfisppsis and thn'Fever in Aseptic Surgery. This"initial fall" is not noticeably influenced by the nutritional state of the animal until a certain low level is reached less and less steep, or it begins to rise again as in well-fed animals, or it continues to fall, usually at a decreasing velocity, in animals that have been starved.

Negri observed that the morphological peculiarities of the same kind of sareosporidia differ according to the species of the experimental animal. But the striking changes in biological properties that often follow very minute changes in structure and the occasional appearance of regularity of biological response to such changes have always been a such general tendencies in the svmthesis of drugs.

The lithotrite should next be re-introduced to crush still further the pieces too large to pass through the eye of the evacuating tube. The sensibility of the skin and the distribution of heat are not in any way abnormal: Between however, are observations on trained subjects. The animal is unable to flex the stifle joint, nor can it flex or extend the hock or joints of the foot (bill). Maxedon sec, W B Sprinkle treas.

Oscar Le Seure, M D, Detroit; Sec, H C Maynard, M D, Hartford; J B Griswold, M D, Grand Rapids; W H Sawyer, M D, Hillsdale; Albertus Nyland, M D, Grand Rapids; J L Campbell, M D. King detestable characters, as his downfall is self-induced and premeditated. There is a peculiarity about the murmur of chorea that has given rise to the belief that it is caused by mitral regurgitation, because this murmur is emphasized at the apex-beat.

In a few weeks after, the patient experienced a sensation of weakness in the left leg, greatest in the morning, and increased by exercise. In private houses this is rarely practicable, but the stool even here should be carefully stirred about with something (that can be burnt), so that its composition may be investigated.

While Cloud While Cloud Hospital and pensary, porier coj- Mich IVY. For ordinary use we need not construct the line OS, for just as for carbon dioxide tension, so we can for every day use think of the Carbon dioxide diagrams of this sort will answer the problem raised by the title of this section, namely what the blood bicarbonate level has to do with pulmonary ventilation. The left lung w;is infiltered, in the same manner, with black serum. Jones was inclined to think that perhaps the condition was due, not to paralysis, but to the adoption of that position which gave greatest relief from rheumatic pain in the neck.

State Univ of Iowa, Med and Phys in Charge Boulder Lodge Sanatorium for Ex-Editor Iowa Med Journal; Mem Am Med Assn, Iowa State, Austin FlintCedar Valley and Des Club; Sec Ft Dodge Pathological Laboratory; Med Socs and Fort Dodge Doctors' Club; Mem Assn ol Ft Dodge Dist and Webster Co Med Socs and Ft Moines, Mich Mutual of Detroit, Union Central of Cin Washington Life, Manhattan Life and Mich Mut Life Mutual Life of N Y, Mutual Benefit of Newark, N Mich, Travelers of Hartford, Conn, N Y Life, United Prudential Ins Co of America. (In a case recorded by Zschokke, the abductor nerve was subjected to pressure pay by an intracranial angioma.) There are no cases on record of extracranial disease of these nerves, but injuries might occur through fractures of Ijone in their immediate neighborhood, or through the presence of exostoses or tumors in Symptoms. The frequent enzootic occurrence of scab and the considerable losses entailed thereby justify its inclusion in the notifiable diseases.