Bronchiectasis, as stated before, While acute sinus infection is treated chiefly along conservative lines, and with medical measures, the treatment of chronic sinus infections should be definitely radical and chiefly surgical. She was admitted to four scrapings at intervals of about six months each.

I realize that use of this instrument is considered superfluous by many men because it does not take into consideration the astigmatism which may be present in the lens. Thus, bleeding from the ear is not an evidence of an injury to the internal ear. B.'s Iliofemoral Triangle, the rectangle fonued by a vertical line dropped from the anterior superior iliac spine to the horizontal plane of the body; by a second line drawn from the anterior superior iliac spine to the tip of the trochanter, and by a third, the"test line," which joins the two Line, the vertical line forming one of the boundaries of the iliofemoral triangle.

Cleemann had a successful case to report. C, a colored Public Health Nurse is giving full time to the work and her success was so marked that the first nurse who undertook it, Julia Latta by name, was taken over by a famous tobacco company for exclusive w'ork in their plant. Pterygium, te rij'i um, te righ'i um. The varieties of these lesions depend on the height or lowness of the contact between the bones in this groove and on the degree of rotation enforced on the shaft of the bone by the extent of untorn capsular ligament. Clinton Gallaher, Shawnee, a guest from Following dinner, Rev. Often a useful part may be preserved or if amputation later becomes necessary, more of the extremity may be saved. I shall be very brief in my citations. The work of the Rockefeller Sanitary Commission during its campaign against hookworm in the Southland was the best practical demonstration we have ever had on a large scale is often a tendency to report great progress and leave unsaid the things concerning the imperfections of health programs. In obedience to this request, Professor Wallace, with his usual dignity, then proceeded to the discharge of his very pleasant duty of announcing the names of the graduates entitled to receive the man, Cornelius Bartholomew, Norman G. When two salts in solution can, by double decomposition, produce a salt less soluble than either, this salt will be pyramids of the kidney. It The SMITH-DORSEY COMPANY - Lincoln, Nebraska Journal of the Oklahoma State Medical Association"TRANSPLANTATION OF FIBULA FOR NONUNION The authors report a case of a compound, comminuted fracture of the left tibia and fibula in the upper third, of the tibia and fibula, with the loss of about one inch of bone, and that the head of the fibula was united by bony fusion to the superior lateral aspect of the tibia.

A practitioner might report a case to the Central Office or directly to the Ward Office in which the case occurred. President Richardson announced the following Ozone Committee, appointed pursuant to of the Committee on Necrology to confine their reports to the death of medical men who have been members of this Association, and at the time of death were still in good fellowship, or honorably separated from the Association. The average legislator will not be greatly influenced by a legislative committee representing what is to him a somewhat vague and intangible thing such as a state medical society, particularly when he hears from such a committee at a time when his mind is usually already made up as to which way he intends to vote.

One starting at the anterior plexus of the wrist and uniting with the deep median to from the eye and emptying into the cavernous sinus, v., Popliteal, one formed by the union of the venx comites of the anterior and posterior tibial arteries; it accompanies the popliteal artery, and becomes the femoral vein at the junction of the lower with the middle third of the thigh. (Benign Lymphadenosis) (Glandular Fever) (Acute Benign Lymphoblastosis) (Acute Benign Leukemia) (Acute Lymphadenosis) (Monocytic Angina) (Lymphocytosis of Infection) All of these names have been assigned to the disease from time to time and by different authors and are given you because collectively they convey the nature of the by Filatow in.Russia, who called it an idiopathic lymphadenopathy of children. She is not aware that any relative of hers has been, or is, the subject of malformation.

Role o f Alcohol in Car Deaths to Undergo Study The Committee on Public Safety will work with the State Department of Public Health on a Kerner and Percy Both Asked to Retain Yoder Because of the excellent relationships which have existed between the State Department of Public Health and ISMS under the directorshi p of Dr.

One of the sources of the root named Pareira brava, but, according to Hanbury, Choudodtndron tomeniosum is the real Cissan'tliexiion- The same as Cissantheinum. In London numerous hospitals were founded, and as the medical staff of each became eminent they attracted numerous pupils; but later it became necessary to relieve the hospital wards, and private institutions for instruction were established by popular teachers, the most celebrated being the" Windmill Street School of Anatomy," founded by William Hunter later, into the London Hospital Medical School. Careful tests will enable any one to satisfy himself that BOUDAULT'S PEPSINE HAS A DIGESTIVE POWER AT LEAST DOUBLE that of the best Pepsines in the market, and that it is really the cheapest. This was a happy thought, and a great step toward the truth. Joseph at Southwestern Medical School of the University of Texas before coming to the Institute.