The contraction of the pupils in pontine haemorrhage naturally suggests opium poisoning. Cases in which a hepatic abscess has discharged its contents spontaneously not infrequently terminate favourably, the cavity after a time closing and pus ceasing to be formed. Silver wire is inserted at about a quarter of an inch from the anterior edges of the gaping bones, and the alveolar process of the most affected side is chiselled through at about the middle point.

No general principle can be laid down, but each case must be considered on its merits.

The cavity of the uterus was seen towards the upper part of the divided uterus, and from it the mole was separated by a decidua reflexa thicker than in the last specimen. After death the substance of the heart is softened, and its external surface ecchymosed in the course of the blood-vessels. The necessary control is impossible; hence the special value of the method introduced by Weir Mitchell, which is particularly applicable to the advanced cases which have become chronic and bedridden. There are also bathing conveniences, including shower and plunge baths and a large swimming pool. In some instances a transverse myelitis of the thoracic region involves the ventral horns above and below the lesion, producing flaccidity of the muscles, with wasting, fibrillar contractions, and the reaction of degeneration. Like that affection, it commonly occurs in patients who have Bright's disease of the kidneys, which therefore may perhaps be regarded as its principal cause.

The male Wolffian gamete contains determinants suitable for the male Wolffian body on which the testis forms; the female Wolffian gamete, those suitable for the Wolffian body on which the ovary forms, while the non-Wolftian gametes contain usually no sexensemhle determinants. I know how difficult I found my first vaginal hysterectomy, and how easy it seems now.

Rogers has, but I wish I might add a little emphasis to this paper along the ground of the influence of selection and the impropriety of taking any set of figures as being accurate so far as your own Company is concerned until you have investigated your own experience. Reflexes are abolished, but immediately on recovery of consciousness they return, first on the non-hemiplegic side, later, sometimes only after weeks, on the paralyzed side.

The mountains on either side have an archean core which is well mineralized. (See Hydrocephalus.) color is of such frequent occurrence in the skin of the new-born that it must be regarded as physiological. A still more striking experiment has since been ligature round one of her fingers, and placed it for a quarter of an hour in icecold water, and afterwards for the same length of time in tepid water. The propriety of the practice and the bei.efit resulting from it must necessarily depend upon the judgment of the physician, as respects not only the peculiarities of the case that especially require it, but also the extent to which it should be carried, and the period and mode in which it should be resorted to. In many of these, especially in certain epidemics or seasons, the morbid action extends to the posterior nares, the nostrils and fauces, on the one hand, and to the upper portion of the oesophagus on the other, and is accompanied with the exudation of grayish lymph, which coagulates on portions of the affected surface, and imparts the appearance of sloughs. Pole Frequent on rocky hills and ledges in the mountains; Laramie Oerastium arvense mazimum, HoUick and Britton, Bull. Recently I tried for nearly thirty minutes before success rewarded my efforts to arrest a free hemorrhage resulting from a tooth extraction, made by a neighboring dentist, which had continued for several hours, and had reduced the patient to the verge of syncope. Sarcoma of the parietal bone was diagnosed and a i-adical operation was undertaken, but the patient died on the day following the operation. Even the most obviously inflammatory lesions are not referable to pure sthenic action, but rather to an asthenic or diffusive state, unattended by the exudation of a healthy lymph, and characterized by its tendency to spread, to soften, dissolve, or disorganize the parts which it affects; and to infiltrate them with a sero-puriform or sero-sanguinolent matter.