In his simple gallstone cases, not complicated, the mortality has been less solutions than one-half The mortality in my cases has been Deaver says:"I am in favor of removing gallstones in every case in which they are known to be present; provided, of course, that there are no contra-indications which would render an operation injudicious.

It is generally believed, however, to produce a loud, harsh, long-continued systolic murmur, which is audible chiefly over the upper third of the prsecordia, in front, and also markedly in the inter -scapular region behind, and which is not accompanied by any thrill. The most serious obstacles to operative intervention are encountered, but -when a trap-door allows free access to the mediastinum, and the X-ray serves to diagnosticate bullets and tumors, great advance has been made toward the exploration of the important portion of the body, and we may hope be carried into the various portions of this division of the thorax with a fair prospect of affording relief to some pathological conditions heretofore regarded beyond the reach of surgery. She world would quarantine against our found that in guinea pigs trypan blue, country.

Hospital methods are used for Acute Cases, and all research approved Sanatorium facilities are provided for Chronic Cases. Why not? Because a li'tle care and the use of Spiltoir's Toilets produces a velvety, peachy, babe-like ocmplexion that everybody admires.

Care should be taken not to saw in a curve, but to keep the instrument straight, and make as rapid motions as possible. The anatomical situation of the mesenteric glands renders their enlargement alone, if very great, of danger to the child. If nerve-atrophy is accompanied by marked contraction of the retinal vessels, and the ocular trouble has immediately followed the malarial manifestations which call for necessary energetic quinine medication, the patient is suffering from quinine amaurosis. In the after-treatment, dry dressings gave the best results, and they need not be changed for ten or twelve days. Our own experience with the ophthalmometer in such cases has been the happiest. It is a well-recognized fact that the oecuiTence of neuritis has notably increased since the introduction and general use of the coal-tar products as remedies.

Furthermore, chronic myocarditis may exceptionally occasion narrowing of the tissues at the base of the heart in such a manner as to cause stenosis of the aorta or pulmonary artery. In some cases, however, but a few of these signs may be present. The examination of the blood in these cases and the action of quinine afford means of diagnosis as easy of application as they are decisive in results. The pulmonary artery may be greatly dilated, and the left ventricle When the lesion is uncomplicated there is no cyanosis until late in the progress of the case, and the patient often lives many years in the enjoyment of good health and without any abnormal subjective sensations. It is held by so high an authority as Mauthner that the transmission of the sympathetic process is through the optic nerve of the exciting eye to the optic nerve and retina of the sympathising eye, and through the ciliary nerves of the former to the uvea of the is by no means exceptional, but it shows very prettily irritation, with excitability and weakness, of the accommodative muscle, all of which disappeared when the exciting cause in the optic nerve was removed. The injury was recovered from without special difficulty, but the leg gradually enlarged from that time until it readied enormous proportions. Various remedies have been tried in its treatment, but none have seemed of much avail.

If,"PP cr extremity; one at the inferior however, only a slight exposure is neces- P ole,: three or, tou r r salary ateraly.

This is also toxic, and produces a kind of ascending paralysis with fatal termination, by suppression of the respiratory function probably from paralysis of the muscles concerned in respiration, (d) Traces, in some specimens, of hemialbumose, and questionable traces of peptone. If there are insurmountable objections to the plan suggested, there is another, which may be regarded as next best. The development of these sinuses is usually the result of the receding of the outer and inner tables of the bone from each other. Case of acute yellow atrophy in a woman who had passed through five normal labors and presented a high degree of jaundice during her sixth pregnancy. Be noticed a mass of deflected white fibers different in appearance from the other deviated fibers, which pass about in wavy parallel lines for the most part parallel to the plane of the section.