The body of the woman lay on its back across the bed, her legs hanging over the edge so that the feet almost touched the ground.

Moisture stands in our lower districts for a long time, whereas on the hill-tops it is impossible for it to remain, and I have often noticed a mist over the low country when the atmosphere was perfectly clear about the hills.

G The tail of the embryo, in this case lying in a vertical groove on the posterior wall of the umbilical cord. Morale takes a prominent place in what might be called mihtary ethics, to say nothing of the science or art of strategy (

They state that the symptom complex and the the conclusion of Doerr and Weinfurter, too, that the symptoms and the findings, at section, resemble those of anaphylactic shock. By further division of the soft parts at the inner ankle, the foot could now be forced outwards and the inversion corrected. There is a lia a ripe age, and escaped the ens in acta of tuberculosis.

Before the declension was complete, I called upon a warm-hearted Christian brother, whose presence and voice still continued to animate and encourage the waning prayer-meeting. Moreover, for conditions of very great weakness, or where the state of the ligaments and bones is such as to forbid active resisting movements in either a sitting or a standing position, immense benefit is derived from keeping the child upon its back and making use of a number of movements calculated to strengthen the whole skeletal structure without bringing strain upon either the organs, the spinal colunm, or the long bones. Osteogenesis occurs and the grafts are replaced by living bone. The collection of early medical school catalogues turned up valuable evidence; the early theses of our first medical school were searched for dedications to Thomas Bond.

The foregoing brief summary of the contents of the annual report of the Local Government Board, with reference to its local government and public health functions alone, will perhaps furnish some conception of the multifarious and, it might seem, in some respects, incongruous functions of that department of Local Government Board contains some noteworthy remarks on the annual reports of those medical officers of healtli who are to some extent under the control of the Board. It is quarto size, bound in handsome German calf with gilt edges, and a fly-leaf bears the inscriptions: paginarum, exactissime descriptus est hicce liber nitidissimus, et influential theologian and prolific preacher then living in Dresden. The donor has further put us in his debt by providing translations of the letters, an introduction, Fellow Dr. Ultimately there is observed a dmiinution in the force of the urinary stream, its usual trajectory is decreased, its size lessened, and considerable straining is necessary to accomplish urination. The patient was accordingly wheeled into the laboratory, assured by a nurse that a new treatment was to be instituted by an American doctor. Direct sunlight kills bacilli and spores in a comparatively short time, particularly when the air has free access while the rays are acting corrosive sublimate, and even spores are killed after a few hours, but this powerful action is only obtained when the solutions act upon dry bacilli or spores or when the latter are suspended in a watery solution.

The conditions may be mentioned briefly: a. Tliis is made very carefully, a few drops at a time, and the puddling continued for from five to ten minutes. The water used for each operation should contain about one half gramme of sodium carbonate per litre. Henceforth, drainage was from The patient reacted well, and upon examination two weeks later the artificial vaginal canal was now appeared to be a comparatively normal, although dilated, os uteri.

In the human cultures, on the other hand, the reaction curve also moves toward the neutral point, but soon swings back to a greater The human type of tubercle bacillus has very slight virulency toward cattle. The"Cyropedia" shows a Httle of both qualities. And when present in green plants it might be expected to continue its work of oxidation in the leaves after they have become destitute of chlorophyl.