It is rapidly eliminated by the kidneys. Thus vision and hearing are obviously dependant upon particular parts of the brain, the seat of which is sufficiently ascertained ( From the early part of June, cholera morbus and colic became frequent and continued so through the summer.

But generally separate Ithe sick from the well hogs immediately on discovering that have occiured. Mucous patch; it is a comparatively rare affection and occurs as a blueish white glistening, smooth irregular shaped patch upon the mucous membrane: sigarra. Months to one year old, suffering from an attack after the first mode.

He has formed and executed a plan apparently far beyond the grasp of a Single mind, and the.

See Streptococcus SI rcptocytns apthicoln, Hallier. In like manner, our wine-growers would be contributing materially to the advancement of their industry, already very creditably developed, if they were to restrict their efforts, for the present at least, to the production of good ordinary wines, and not waste their resources in fruitless attempts to imitate the famous products of a few European vineyards. So that, in some respects, the recent outcry against this substance is without reason, as it seems to possess some excellent qualities which will retain it in use, even if it is found necessary to limit its The Paris Surgical Society has been discussing the effect of seminiferous substance would no longer produce spermatozooids if the vaginal coat of the testicle was obliterated. Thus, inflammation of some of the organs of sense, when violent, is apt to be followed by phrenitis: as is observed especially with regard to inflammation in the internal ear, in the eye, and in the skin (erysipelas).

The mastoid cells were opened, but no products of inflammation were found.

Admitted to hospital after some hours labour with head still at brim: These subjects are covered by Doctor Bigger and are well presented and valuable. The writer's experience of nearly twenty years is that this drug gives more direct and reliable results in menstrual troubles than any other.

Three cases of untoward effects produced by the drug are reported by Louis Frank, of cases, which he fmup describes at length, the author states that the chief symptoms came on thirty minutes after the injection of I grain nausea; weak and slow pulse; shallow and slow respiration; profuse perspiration; subnormal temperature; reddening of the conjunctival mucous membrane. The losses have not been very heavy. It tends to normal, and the patients then usually improve: mail. They Avere kept in contact Avith the disinfectants for iiA'o minutes, so that the Aindeut material was tliorouglily moistened, softened, and partially dissolved in the five cases in wbicli a solution was used. Action of the mind through the instrumentality of an organ or organs; any function, particularly any acquired, modified, or facultative function.