A sufferer from neurasthenia on the one hand may be ready to receive and retain whatever may be suggested to him; on the other hand, he is practically at the mercy of his physician, who, if he is review not a man of acute moral perception and the very highest attainment in his profession, assumes a responsibility of the gravest character. Stauungspapille bei Gehimtumoren und iiber die Erfolge der medicinischen und chirurgischen Baehler (Louis A.) De waardeering de vrouw in het bijzonder onder Israel en de Christenheid Baehr (Bemhard). He urged this method in early stages of prostatic hypertrophy. The injury and change is in the brain centers in most cases, depending upon some inherited defect in cell growth or special diathesis, and starting into activity from unknown causes. In some species of Tetrodon the external nasal sacs are replaced by solid tentacles to which the olfactory nerve is distributed; the nasal capsule is lined bj' folded mucous membrane. Instead of the tablet, codeine may be used iu the form of syrup, oneeighth grain to a drachm. An optogram may be obtained by exposing a recently removed eye, which has been kept away from the light for some time previously, to the light from a lamp or a window, when that part of the retina on which the rays have fallen will be bleached while the rest Optom'eter.

In each case I secured more than enough urine for chemical and microscopical diagnosis. From its entrance between the fifth and sixth ribs, the ball had passed almost directly backward, inclining obliquely toward the middle line, perforating the pericardium and the heart near its apex, so as to leave two openings in the pericardiiun and left ventricle, and had buried itself, base foremost, in the body of the eleventh dorsal vertebra, but without entering the spinal can.-vl. It is possible that your patient is suffering from the rare form of pernicious anaemia due to atrophy of the gastric mucosa and containing glands, which cases are probably associated with a serious change in the intestinal mucosa. Story is capitally told by an admiring writer in the February Ladies' Home fournal. Hence it can be gathered that and that an eternal element is inserted into a mortal one, both dwelling together simultaneously. The temporary recoveries have cxcoodod the proportion of the best foreign military hospitals. This turbidity is generally not present in the form of a cloud, but pervades the urine uniformly, gradually settling on standing. The vessel is often of sufficient calibre to furnish blood very freely, and death may result either from the profusion of the bleeding or from asphyxia from bsemothorax. Throughout, which marks zero in the Centigrade, or Keaumur's form of the instrument, or Fahrenheit's. The seed of Jatroplia curcas, N., physic, bas'tard French. For, hitherto, while the sapphire remained entire, there was no arcanum.

None otherwise does medicine purify those bodies in which there is a spiritual element, whence it happens that their motion is more easily perfected. Nevertheless, Voit, in concludes that there may be actual new formation of nerve cells in the brain, and that restittition of function in parts once paralyzed by cerebral ablation is due to such regeneration; and in he had actually demonstrated this possibility. The hernia cerebri left an elevation of fibrous tissue about the size of half a walnut.

Lirst learned the practice after Gettysburg, and have since then adopted it, in some measure. Attributes this discomfort to lack of mastication due to poor teeth. Brown and Tompkins who made these observations, which were published in the Therapeutic Gazette, found it of especial value in the relief of pains have been equally successful in its use in the treatment of neuralgias. And here this is to be taken care of, that everything which shall have been mixed with the quintessence by the necessity of extraction, must again be drawn off from it, so that the quintessence may remain alone, unpolluted, and unmixed with any other things.

Hebrews, the remainder being native Americans of English, Scotch, French, or Dutch ancestry.

Clarke, Cambridge, The Education of Pupils in Schools Regarding Sexual Life, and the Danger of Such Contagions as Gonorrhnea The report of committee on uniform entrance and graduation requirements recommended as a substitute for entrance requirements to medical colle.ges, adopted at the from a four year school, academy, college or university, or a recognized equivalent certificate, such diploma or certificate having the following minimum standard: count to represent a recitation once a week for a school year. Perhaps the best discussion of all was that on Typhoid in War, elicited by a paper by Dr.

When, however, the process pursues a chronic course, slate-colored cicatrices form. De physiothe hydropathic treatment as compared with spa treatment for von Oelele (F.) American balneology; the Atlantic areas Die Balneotherapie als Heilfaktor bei Kriegsverletzungen or the history of cold bathing, both ancient and Haughton (E.) On the remains of ancient Kier (J.) Lidt om Badevsesen i Fortid og Mahomed (H.) The bath; a concise history of the bathing, as practised by nations of the ancient and modem world; including a brief exposition of the medical efficacy and salubrity of the warm, medicated, vapour, shampooing, shower, and douche baths; with remarks on the Martin (A.) Deutsches Badewesen in vergangenen Tagen. Used as a tonic and sedative in neuroses. He regarded it as possible that those who had not done the operation many times or followed its course might think, when they saw the round ligaments introduced into the small openings in the broad ligaments, that it bunched the peritoneal tissue. A method suggested by Wauklyn in wliich the degree of turbidity which an unknown quantity' of carbonic acid produces in clear baryta water is imitated by adding to another portion of barj'ta water a known quantity of carbonic acid in the form of sodic carbonate; in this manner the quantity of the former can be estimated with Cloudy vision from defect in the transparency of some or other of the media of the ej'e, common cause is stone or sand in the kidney, but it may be produced by some renal diseases and by a movable kidney; and it may occur in the course of locomotor ataxy as a nepliralgic crisis.