As is stated, it is not a linkedin book of verse by physicians, but a book of verse for physicians. As iio is a thill he thoulj have witnessed the aiipearances. A feat which was progressively accomplished during the war consisted in the transformation of infected fractures through secondary suture, into closed fractures, after the focus had been surgically sterilized. It would certainly seem from the histories of these five cases that the gastric symptoms preceded the tubercular infection, although it is not certain that the stomach disturbance bears any etiologic relation to it; still the frequency of hyperchlorhydria in incipient pulmonary Of the seven cases in which the diagnosis of tuberculosis was evident when the patient first consulted me, one case, No. From this time onward The bromoform must have accumulated at the bottom of the bottle through its not having been properly shaken up each time; but even on this hypothesis it is hard to see how the children could The pneumogastric nerves are responsible for all the various forms of spasmodic cough, including pertussis.

Of his professional appointments it is said to be his intention only to retain that connected The Pupils of the Alder.sgate School of Medicine have presented an elegant silver vase to their Lecturer on Anatomy and high respect for his professional abilities, and their esteem for his private character." with the motto," Praise is the reflection of ileliirme anti t!)e Collateral Jrirnres. The point to be remembered is that the body of tin- epididymus, globus minor and major are no longer patent tubules but a series of small abscesses ami blind pouches harboring necrotic, ami scmi-iieerot ic material, which DTOSl be escapes through the incision. In this"gathering of the flowers" it is pleasant to be reminded that the mind of Garrison says in his Foreword,"The physician's calling makes him a realist." I doubt that.

Bergmann said that from the local and general phenomena which had already shown themselves the prognosis was decidedly favorable. He begins by putting the medical friend on the same footing as wiio desires to be insured procuring, from each of these, certificates, first of his moral character and habits, and secondly of his state of health; and Now we say, that whoever makes the request to have the necessary certificate, applied to. Texas Medicine is copyrighted by the Texas Medical Association. This attractive plaque, when prominently displayed in your reception area, serves as an open invitation to your patients and shows that you care. Birmingham is widely known to be a remarkably well-governed city, in the thoroughness and efficiency of its sanitary administration as well as in most other respects, while Manchester bears a very different reputation. Number of cows kept,; approximate air space per cow, Whether cow stable ie well lighted, Whether cow stable is well ventilated, How drained, Condition of fioor, Whether manure ia stored in eel lar, If not in cellar, where stored? Whether milk Is cooled, mixed, or stored where cows or other animals are kept, or where manure is stored, Whether ivoled, mixed, or stored in rooms used for domestic purposes or sleeping rooms, Location of milk room, Whether walls are tight and easily cleaned, Whether floor is tight "" and easily cleaned, Whether appliances are at hand for washing or steritising all utensils, Whether any water-cloeet, urinal, or privy is located in the room, Date of last examinatioD of cows, Sy whom examined, dumber any cows have been added since; and if eo, how many? Whether added cows were examined; and if so, when and by whom? r MILS. " B," or"Superior Intelligence," as a rule, will give a high type of noncommissioned officer and a few of commissioned officer material in selected individuals throughout the Army.

In pertussis potassium carbonate has gonorrhoea, as the urine is rendered alkaline under its use, liquor potasss is frequently combined with other remedies, as in the following: Liq.

A., Pearlington, Miss Mercer, Alfred,.Syracuse, N. There is functional inactivity of the muscular coat of the oesophagus and great difficulty is experienced in swallowing, the bolus remaining in situ if at all large. The surgeons attached to these centers should have the final vote on exemptions from military service and also on tlie eventual discharge of already enlisted men. Nevertheless he led his classes. He made himself very efficient and one of the years Doctor Cummins was located in a Anderson and has built up a large general Eva E., wife of Russell Bennett, of Anderson; Ithamer F., now in France, with Company C, Seventieth Heavy Artillery; Meral L., in the Indiana State Militia; Laura C, at home; and Joseph E., also at home.

A liberal and varied diet consisting mychart of oats, mixed scratch feed, bread. The speaker is, however, personally of the opinion that all fractures of the femur are best treated by the Thomas splint, with the addition that the splint should be completed with flannel slings supporting the posterior surface of the In injuries of the knee, the Thomas splint is again employed; hyperextension at the knee is to be avoided, a The skeleton foot splint, as used by Sir Robert Jones, is most useful in fractures of the tibia and fibula and through the ankle joint. In gunshot fractures of the wrist it is also of extreme importance to maintain the hand in hyperextension, which is easily done by means of Sir Robert Jones's hyperextension hand splint. The father died at the age of seventy-eight, and the mother is now eighty-four years of age.

The horse either bites or scratches the place until it becomes raw and granulates and has a tendency to spread. Searles to assist as much as possible in the widespread campaign for Americanization of all the varied foreign element in our society.

Not only is he led to note the more obvious characteristics of the growth and microscopic appearances of the organism, but he is given a systematic and definite outline of all the essential points to be noted. Closed the incision of the sac by single stitch and cut the ends of the suture closely.