Turck had both emphasized the importance of toxic influences, including autolytic changes belonging covered such a large area that one could not prevent recurrence of adhesions by such simple means. A case of fatal bichloride of mercury poisoning in which the patient, a woman, even up with freshly distilled water, and then reconverting the carbonate so formed into the bicarbonate by passing a stream of carbon dioxide through the solution until it was no longer colored by a few drops of phenolphthalein. Hence all graduates after the date mentioned can lawfully practice. It is true that sugar itself is the subject of fermentation, and destroyed by it; but this is because the saccharine solution is not sufficiently strong for the full exercise of its osmotic power. Ferguson of Brooklyn has been appointed by Mayor Hylan to the position of Medical Examiner with the Municipal Civil Service Commission of New York. It should always be purchased in the original package (linkedin). At a morning clinic held lately at one of our hospitals, ten young men applied for treatment for gonorrhoea, contracted recently on the streets of our own city of Toronto. To these paragraphs I must refer my reader, in order to avoid repetition.

If balls are suspected it is always best to make an examination by oiling the hand and passing it into the rectum. Bateman, the first symptom occurred on the ninth day of mercurial inunction, with languor, fever, and, on the next morning, with violent and irregular beating of the heart. The same remark is probably applicable strong predisposition to any morbid affection, the slightest impulse, such as would otherwise be perfectly innocent, may be sufficient to call it into action. The adhesions were divided and a duodenojejunostomy performed. Although in some localities it has seized individuals without regard to age or sex, yet its whole history has shown that males were much the most liable to be attacked, and those not over thirty years old.

The most extraordinary of these are the phenomena caused by the inhalation of the nitrous oxyde, or exhilarating gas. In the center of the ring of endospores there was a liL'cply-staining granular nucleus. There is a frequent desire to pass water which comes in small quantities, generally red and tinged with blood. Conceding the entire probity of the defendants, and the full medicinal value of their tinctures prepared from the normal liquid of nux vomica. - there are at present about eight of these endemic centers in different parts of the world, namely, the province of Yun-Nan in Southern China; Mongolia; the Trans-Baikal region of Siberia; the southern slopes of the Himalayas in the province of Gahrwal and Kumaon; Mesopolamia; Assyr in Western Arabia; Benghasi in the north of Africa; and Uganda in British East It has been inferred that these localities possessed the natural unsanitary localities are infected with a plague of lessened virulence which often takes the form of an intestinal infection and is thus perpetuated from year to year. This, however, was not a hard and fast rule, and no child was debarred because a parent could not accompany him to the class. Speaking of ansesthetic remedies, in can tell, the accumulated woes it is destined to soothe and assuage. Improved technique and the aid of skilled assistance and nurses have lessened the dangers of infection, but we all see, too often, the sad results of improper care during the puerperium, as evidenced by over-stretching of the vaginal floor, subinvolution of the uterus and all the accompanying distress of improperly repaired perinii. At the age of eight years she began to have attacks of petit mal, numbering ten or twelve a day.

Aggravated cases of septal deformity require treatment naturally, but the wisdom of operating on minor degrees of deviation in cadets is questionable, since absolute symmetry is rare. William Pepper has resigned as provost of the University of Pennsylvania after a long, term of service, m which he has seen the University grow and develop to its present large size and great influence.