If they be over-heated and of cold air, or other cold medium, the sense of immediate injury may, perhaps, be trifling; yet sickness at stomach, and an unhealthy colour of the excretions, are apt to come on the following day. It is to be remembered that a meningitis so occurring is not necessarily due to the same cause as the original disease, for mixed infections are not uncommon (Fiirbringer). Had very little shock, On the second day the patient was remarkably comfortable. - rectal examination demonstrates a large, soft, elastic tumor, springing from the prostate, pushing backward into the rectum, eventually making its way into that organ and filling the pelvis. Already the poor may enter hospitals for bodily ailments voluntarily, but they cannot receive treatment for the more disabling mental illnesses without the certificate of insanity; aud it is an anomaly, whilst admitting persons voluntsirily for bodily complaints, to insist upon an aggression on personal liberty for the relief of mental illness. The condition is very easily dealt with. Elected president of the American in Johannesburg has conferred an honorary degree on Joseph Wolpe, M.D., honoring him for his leadership in the theory and practice of appointed chief of the division of awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Louis Pasteur in been appointed professor and chairman of the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery. In the National Guard and for three years was in Company C of the Second Indiana M of the Second Regiment, of Infantry, and for three years was its captain. He never heard a doubt on the matter from any one who haa not a pecuniary interest in denying it. An asylum, in the suburbs, for the reception of patients.

For this purpose I shall select the years the records of which I have been able more minutely to study, dissect, and analyze in the Let us examine, then, the returns of those years, and adopt a form best calculated to bring out, in a prominent manner, the various facts which they present to us, so as to impart authority for the inferences to be deduced from them. Notwithstanding identical techno-scientific characteristics, the differences in the other features of our societies would, in my opinion, require certain preconditions to replicate the National Health Service in the United States if this were desirable. She had had a motion the day previously During the afternoon she had recurring colicky pain and passed one motion; the pain steadily increased in frequency (about ten minutes' interval) and in intensity, till was coated and white, the expression of the face pinched, tympanitic, and not tender. Gas doos not ordinarily collect if the cLroulation is not interfered with.

Such an excessive elevation, although characteristic of acute increase in intracranial pressure, and perhaps never found clinically except with cerebral hemorrhage, is exceptional as in a woman, aged forty-three years, brought to the hospital shortly mm. They are not tender to pressure, and as they rarely produce nervous symptoms they belong rather to the domain of surgery. Her face was somewhat flushed, eruption about left nostril, drying; tongue clean, except at root, where the coat remained; she was thirsty, but also craved food, and had been allowed to suck a little meat; bowels costive, and had been so, except frotn medicine; she had however used opiates occasionally, because very examination of the chest; her temperature was moderate, but at times she bad been hot; the abdomen was rather full, but not tense nor bard; several others in the house complaining of some indisposition, different in degree. This latter sensation was almost, if not entirely, confined to the narrow limits which bounded the ing the progress of the accident, than by its increasing intensity and deeper penetration into the muscles of the limb, which at its greatest degree seemed to sink an inch or more into the substance of the Teg. No one article in their.catalogue of useful things Cube in one corner, the tick is blown up by the mouth, to any reqaired dimensions; and when it is no longer wanted, may be so packed away as to be placed in a gentleman's hat. EFFLUVIUM FROM DEAD ANIMAL MATTER. Hogan is a professional accountant and auditor, but as in the popular mind that work is usually associated with the routine performance of bookkeeping it is hardly adequate to describe the duties and responsibilities involved in the new and now indispensable profession of efSciency accounting.

Having accomplished this, the edges of the conjoined tendon and Poupart's ligament were freshened to remove cicatricial tissue, and were again united with strong kangaroo tendon sutures around the dislocated cord, and down to the point of permanent union before mentioned. She had had three small watery stools, which did not appear to be the effect of the purgatives.