Adolph"Knopf of New York City for the best essay on How to Fight Tuberculosis as a Disease of the Masses. The danger of destructive keratitis after excision of the Gasserian ganglion is well known to all surgeons, though the authorities are not all agreed even yet as to the precise explanation.


General Grant thought so when his critics claimed that if General Johnston hadn't been killed the Union forces would have been utterly routed at Shiloh. In the same way the vagina and the bladder are held in position by the sheaths of their blood vessels, the reolum having an independent attacliment to the back of the pelvis. In certain cases it is the only portion that is free, and the patient may by forced inspiration cause air to pass through the nasal fossae, but in too small quantity to be of any There is sometimes a considerable depression at the point of osseous insertion of the velum, a depression which is the result of an adhesion drawing in the pharyngeal surface of the velum. He understands this as meaning that they owe him money, when in fact they owe him theoretically nothing more than the physical gifts which they gave him to be used for developing personal earning capacity. He emphasizes the study of individuality in eacli case. It has been hypothesized that uncompetitive NMDA antagonist may benefit the course of dementia "" both in a symptomatic and neuroprotective way.

(" Illustrative Cases"), we think, might be omitted as unnecessary padding. Left no written memorials of their success; something of permanent utility to the science. The Wcl)er: Chronic liaynaniVs Symptoms mottling can he uiiide to disappear teuipoiarily by rubbing the skin when in a warm room. Tremors oi.the hand are frequently met with at all stages of life, whether with or without disease. The uncertain ideals and dubious technic of modern theatricals give little opportunity for wholesome vigor and means of expression of histrionism of high order. Energies of the crystal are confined to simple but definite order of arrangement of its molecules. Morris, of New York; Some Points regarding the Surgery of the Gall-bladder, by Dr. He was at once transferred to the Infirmary, where the usual remedies were applied. In a Avork of this nature, naturallj' the methods chiefly employed by the author are described most fully, and although many others might be equally good, or some (according to opinion) better, yet, if in any doubtful case those of the author are folloAved, Ave venture to think that the patient's interests Avill not suffer. The doctor told the policeman to take the man to the cottage hospital, which was a mile away. The hereditary transmissibility of syphilis is possible in two different ways: The embryo may be syphilized from the first, through the infection attaching itself to the spermatozoon or the ovum, or both, at the time of impregnation, giving rise to genuine hereditary infection, or else the foetus, healthy by conception, becomes contaminated from the blood of the mother, the bacilli passing over from the maternal to the foetal circulation, producing what is termed intrauterine infection. Poetry paints what science draws. On further examination I found the breasts flabby; the amount of milk sufficient in quantity. If the transversalis fascia about Poupart's ligament is thin, a pair of artery forceps is passed through it from opened imniediaty elabove tlie ligament. At each end then of the cultural period of a human family we have a parallel to what is found at each end of the cultural period of a nation, or of a variety of plant. CulL virginis "reviews" inedia, cui adjunctae sunt narrationes complures annos absque cibo vivere posse, tranc. It may be pleasant to many to observe in the list of contributors to this our first number the names of many of the gentlemen who so warmly supported the efforts of the editor on his first attempt at journalism in the establishment of the Medical Herald, which, mainly through their encouraging favors, attained a high degree of prosperity.