Sir'"SVilHam Jenner has spoken to you of the union which should exist between the medical officers of the army and our professional brethren in civil life.

Nephro-lithotomy was decided upon, and practised with the most satisfactory results. If her shoes be thin and tight enough, the object is answered, and she bestows her principal efforts on the drapery of her person. He further says:" The first coming head adapts itself better to the pelvis than the after coming head. The leaves are gathered three or four rains. During the past ten years, the speaker said, a number of cases of diffuse septic peritonitis had been operated upon successfully, and the matter had reached a stage where the surgeon's margin in escaping responsibility in not operating was becoming narrower and narrower. It is the duty of every honorable physician to mark where they properly belong. Since that time he has used occasional boric acid irrigations, and passed a sound monthly.

The real difficulty, however, is, we believe, in the question of expense.

Senn: I move that we adjourn till seven o'clock this President: The resolution of Dr. Capeli'na or Capelli'na (woman's hat):

Sir Thomas dozes a good deal during the day, though he is easily roused; and at night he usually sleeps for several hours. An acid derived from Chelidonium majus.

Roll'er b., T-bandage for the head, having turns around the head and over the forehead, with a median turn strips, formed of linen strips, each capable of sur rounding once and a half the part to which they have to be applied, and placed upon each other so as to cover successively one-third of their width; b.; roller b. A vigorous attempt was made to dragoon them out, and to bully the whole profession into the belief that it was dishonorable to accept vacancies which had been created by thwarting the views of the principal subscribers and directors of a great medical charity. Relating or appertaining to Aurantiamarin'.

Bastian, Cobbold, Crocker, and Mackenzie, and by Mr. Often the process continues to proceed further, attacking all the hairs of the body the spot attacked, the more difficult is the restitution. But on whichfoever of thefe caufes we build our indications, we muft not be unmindful of the occajional caujssj as already ftated in the feveral the occafional caufe mufl be fought for in afFedions not merely by the authority of the moil fagacious but by a confideration of the fymptoms, and more' efpecially by theefFefl of an emetic, for in this fpecies of afthma it never fails to give relief. The dangers of operation for his relief and the very slight prospects for recovery which can be held out to him if he submits to the operation are explained to him. Names on this list in italics are retired members. Fine silver wire, and I have never yet seen a hernia result in many hundreds of cases. The naked savage may plead that he is"all face," and may be all the better fordoing without dress, but civilisation requires some form of clothing, and we are not convinced that flannel is an injurious form in either hot or cold climates. Secondi recommends curettage followed by expression of the follicles with a special forceps. Nothing weakens the tone of the stomach so much as large quantities of cold water, by the distension it causes and by its altering the temperature of that organ, first driving away the blood and then inviting a greater flow again by the reaction. To the physicians forming the staff the hospital is of incalculable benefit, although they sacrifice time and money for it; without it, to attain the full measure of their growth would be impossible.