Some authorities have taught that in every instance where there is an involvement of code the greater part of the head, later there will follow destruction of the neck, and that therefore an excision should always include the neck and greater trochanter. " Every medical man shoiild lay it down as an invariable law, never to puncture an ovarian cyst, but as early as possible PROFESSOR HUXLEY ON THE RELATION OF PHYSICAL SCIENCE TO prizes at St. Though local irritation was the main factor, hereditary tendency also played an important part in some cases.

In bad cases, repeat the dressing daily; in others, once in two or three days is sufficient. Pleurisy, pneumonia, colics, coughs, colds, rheumatism, in fact all complaints that horses are subject to, have been successfully treated by us with these remedies.

After a few general remarks about hereditary factors in diabetes and a warning against any of the fads used in treatment, there was a general discussion which was opened by Dr.

It can be used hypodermically, and in this way it proved to be of great service in that disease called in India" beriberi" In this disease, hydraemia of a severe form is the most prominent pathological condition, especially in the early stages. To my knowledge no other such hemiplegia following this form of panhysterectomy has been reported. The treatment of these patients shouM be hygienic, dietetic, discount electrical, ar.d medicinal.

The permanent hardness is the most important, for it represents the most objectionable earthy salts, viz., calcium, sulphate and chloride, and the magnesian salts. Treatment with vaccines of Fleming's organism apparently caused increase of the amount of pustulation, but no mention is made by Fleming of the disappearance of comedones.

The author's conclusions in regard to this point are in great measure founded on the statistics of causation which have been developed in the preceding lectures; and from his remarks practitioners may obtain some very useful information. The eye-douche continues to be held in deserved esteem. Fever, even, if there happened to be any, did not cause such a diagnosis to be rejected; for it was quite natural, after having admitted that hysteria was capable of having a disturbing influence upon the centers of the tendon reflexes and on the vasomotor centers, to think also that hysteria was capable of inducing disturbance of the centers which regulate temperature. According to Alexander Severus they constituted a third sex (tertium hominum genus); Juvenal calls them"semivires;" Lucan,"unnatural monsters and Ovid compares them with the dessicated trunks of decayed trees. Osier's address at the Pennsylvania Hospital at four o'clock was largely a resume of the assistance which the practice of medicine had received from the studies of pathologists and an codes expression of ideals in regard to the teaching of students. Of the two methods named, the percussion of the gastric resonance is easier and more reliable: eroids. An endemic species apparently "hgh" verj' cloHely related to Gonocaryum teysmannianum Scheff., from the Aloluccas.

The fundi oculi are normal review in every respect (Dr.