In the majority of cases, this condition can be combated by the administration of ovarian extract or corpus luteum with the addition of iron, arsenic, and thyroid.

He shows clearly, how the long end of "careers" the ligature left in the wound interferes with primary union, and the obvious advantage in cutting close to the knot, holding that silk or hempen ligatures rendered antiseptic are Many of the plates in the book are very handsome, and the press work is of of the American Academy of Arts The first third of the book is devoted to a highly scientific discussion of the Physics of Electrolysis, with a description of the various batteries and their The author explains, so far as any explanation is possible, the curious change that the low tension current produces in the vital tissues. The patient is attacked, more or less suddenly, with excruciating pain in the epigastrium and right hypochondrinm; and, along with this, with nausea and vomiting. It may be about four inches long, and" may be obtained from any wood-turner for a few pence." application of instruments used in auscultation: in this, he states, that finding the considerable share which the solid walls of stethoscopes have in communicating sounds, and from experiment thai their efficacy depends chiefly on the formation of the pectoral end by which they receive the vibrations, he had devised a form of instrument, which qualifies them better, he thinks, for this purpose, than any now in use. I diagnosticated yellow fever, and mentioned his case to a number of persons. Within a year after the development of these symptoms she began to cough and spat blood several times.

Kear the residence there was a considerable landrdide produced by the unusual frequency of rains this year. It does not often occur in private practice, but in eleemosynary institutions, into which those of broken-down constitutions are freely admitted, it is often seen. Our experiments on dogs have shown that, if the opening is situated on the cardiac part of the stomach, the chyme passes almosl altog ither through the pylorus; but this is not true if the opening has been made in the pyloric antrum. It should be remembered that curettage without the use of the cautery is unwise and that the cautery itself probably has a positive influence in checking cancer growth much deeper than the surface actually cauterized, and that the developmental activity of the cancer cells can be arrested and permanently destroyed at a distance far remote from the surface upon which the cautery is used. No suppuration followed, but at the end of eighteen days, there was only the slightly roughened surface at the point of denudation, which had been produced by the operation. The exact location of this so-called centre is not accurately determined, but it is thought to occupy the first and perhaps part of the second temporal convolutions.

When this is perfect, there may be no special interruption of the pulmonary circulation and, except with violent exertion, there is no interference with the aeration of the blood. Mary Putnam Jacobi, in an article on hysterical fever, mentions a case in the service of Cornil which was admitted with dyspnoea, slight cyanosis, and a temperature of pseudo-phthisis with pain in the chest, slight fever, and the expectoration of a blood-stained mucus. I neglected to mention dwelling.

One of them is South South Carolina they furnish the State Journal. He then went to New Orleans and remained there one day.

To prevent the access of air, which is regarded as a deleterious agency, in cases of a spontaneous rupture, the interior of the cyst is injected, and kept constantly filled with a liquid, which is at first emollient, and, later on, made slightly irritating and antiseptic. Xerosis: and one had staphylococcus aureus and a few chains of In this group, too, those four cases where the staphylococcus was the predominating organism, the results were invariably good as to infection.

Rigidity in the limbs on one side is in favor of a hemiplegic lesion. In reply to a query from a member as to the source of "" his method, Mr. A cautious venesection may under such circumstances give immediate relief.

In other words the commission did not want nor did it need any expert medical advice in the administration of the Workmen's Compensation Act. In the great majority of cases the haemorrhage ceases spontaneously. But it is more especially in the department of preventive medicine tliatthe practical value long as the precise cause of a disease is unknown, the views held as to its origin must necessarily be vague,and the measures adopted against it often either cause is known, and more especially when it can be studied apart from the body, its mode of entrance into the system, and the best methods of destroying it under various conditions are learned, and the measures to be adopted against it can be made precise and effectuah It is not, however, sufficient for the medical officer of health to know the literature of the subject; he must himself be a bacteriologist, ready and able at any moment to carry out an investigation on bacteria ( - the third case was a little later in the same year, a lady who had been bleeding a little for some time, with the presence of signs of conception of two months' date.