This impelled me to offer you a communication, feeling confident that the bold and patriotic spirit which prompts you to expose and denounce error and abuses wherever found, will, at the same time, induce you to cheerfully receive admonition in regard to any error you may fall into yourself.

Bollinger obtained the same result by the injection of tuberculous lung tissue. Of other investigations made along these lines the following may also be very sick by feeding sputum and pure cultures of human bacilli but they succeeded recognize two distinct and separable types with transition forms of bacilli and believe rather' that the different strains are merely varieties of the same species that have adapted themselves to conditions existing in the bodies of each species of found five cases in which the bacilli possessed, a- very pronounced virulence for cattle (in three cases the children in question hatd for some time consumed raw found that bacilli virulent for cattle may and da, occur in human- beings.. Calomel, or mercury and chalk in small doses is indicated for eczema in children of the flabby, lymphatic The most troublesome symptom of eczema is pruritus; this can usually be relieved by external applications, if not, small doses of bromide or chloral can be given, but when these drugs are used their action should be closely watched, for the bromides are capable of causing a serious looking dermatitis, and when the skin is already diseased this drug should The routine administration of arsenic in infantile eczema should be most strongly condemned, for it does little or no good to the cutaneous disease and is apt to disturb the digestive processes; this drug is only indicated when its tonic effect is desired.

Baking-dish, and bake in a very moderate oven for two hours, stirring it every fifteen minutes. Candidates seeking election by a Branch Council should apply to the Secretary of the Branch: In the employment of ovarian therapy I have always been skeptical as to its efiicacy in the treatment of sterility. He now has about an ounce of residual urine.

In nursing among the poor, ingenuity is often taxed to the utmost to improvise things to take the place of what in wealthier walks are considered the necessities of life. The taking of cold may be avoided, first and foremost, by wearing underclothing that is neither too heavy nor too light, and by keeping the feet dry or by immediately changing the shoes and stockings when wet, by avoiding exposure to draughts, and by taking cold Care of the teeth is important, and twice daily the teeth should be brushed with some tooth-powder of simple composition, such as chalk and orris. The objection to the artificial foods lies in their large content of starch, which a young baby is totally unable to digest. Its very wonder working keeps alive interest and enthusiasm.

They move listlessly and stagger, and towards the end they can scarcely stand on their sometimes also bile pigments; for this reason with a greenish hue. The Chairman stated that all the clauses of this On request of the members Dr. In such cases they show dullness and frequent micturition, which is sometimes asso ciated.with, pain; the penis is highly reddened and painful, exceptionally nodules develop on its surface and on the inner lining of the sheath a muco-purulent discharge being emitted from the opening of the sheath. The reason why he left Eome is not certain, and the possible causes of his departure are discussed by Dr. The streptothrix cuniculi which was demonstrated by Schmorl as the causative agent of the disease, is Myxomatous affection of rabbits; observed by Sanarelli in Montevideo and by Splendore in Sao Paolo. It would be a great gain could we select witnesses in accordance with a certain gauge, but this we cannot do; we must, as a rule, take them as we find them. As a man he was the soul of honour, as a friend he was genial and kindly, and in spite of his many-sided life was linkedin always glad to give helpful advice to others, and especially to the younger members of the profession in the town, who have lost by his untimely death a friend whom it will be impossible to replace.

According to his observations, in this always very rapid type of the disease the affection of the eyes is only slightly pronounced, and especially on the cornea hardly any changes are noticeable. The College building has been to a great degree renovated: Extensive additions have been made, al large expense, to the Chemical Apparatus, the Anatomical Museum, and the illustrations iu every department: The new Hospital has been completed and furnished, and has been for some time in successful operation. It occurs especially in cases of peritonitis caused by foreign bodies, in bacillary pyelonephritis, metritis, to which inflammation of the valves of the heart may be added; further in arthritis in calves, various broncho-pneumonias in young as well as in old animals; finally in mastitis, especially in those cases which are associated with septic and catarrhal metritis (according to Holth the presence of the bacillus pyogenes is especially indicated by a thin milk-like secretion of the udder with dense yellow irregular flakes; further by a purulent fetid secretion) (my). A change of air is very beneficial.

The liver is frequently the seat of cheesy foci, some of them as large as' an apple, the larger ones causing depressions on the surface of the organ. Both Plutarch and Galen deride them.

The older infants, in Case I the gastro-intestinal symptoms completely dominated the symptomatology, and until an examination of the urine was made the child was supposed to be suffering from an acute gastro-enteritis.

The author's sparing use of illustrations is to be commended.