In fact, we dignify their report by a notice, for the reason that it is the best explanation which they have given in the minutes of the Board for tlie passage of what might otherwise be considered a very stupid resolution.

Never before in the history of our country had the profession enjoyed such an opportunity of justifying its existence. The body of the syringe is only three inches long and five-eighths of an inch in diameter; but it seems to be jierfeetly efficient. In the left eye, and to the and yellow in the centre, with a zone of black pigment; below the disc was a circular patch, over which curved retinal vessels; in the right eye micioiicopical examination, lo consist of aggregated tubercle.

The podopliyllum was placed in a twogallon mortar and powdered by means of a lieavy thus engaged. In addition to this mycelium, there are, needless to say, collections of bacteria, but these are much less widely distributed than Portions of mycelium of Aspergillus niger, showing lateral brandling, bhe hriii- cylindrical and of uniform diameter from the firsi; and the septa of the filaments being rectilinear. Right now, the statuton language in pending legislation applies only to cour To assure that no claimant is penalized by appli ertson suggested that professional liability insurer benefits awarded by a court or agreed to in a settle ment if collateral sources login of those benefits become patient compensation funds, and hospital self-in surance and captive insurance programs were used tc calculate total professional liability premiums in the study. A woman, who had accompanied the deceased home from the prisoner's house, stated that a bottle of medicine, given her by the latter, had been dropped and broken, and therefore the deceased could not have taken its contents. Otherwise, his previous health had been good.

(See PRECAUTIONS and ADVERSE REACTIONS.) General. Heated cocci were used first, but for the later injections Uving cultures were employed. A section is yellowish-gray or yellowish and translucent; cheesy or gluey in consistence; and often presents signs of decay in the form of opaque spots scattered over the entire surface, but there Js SYMPTOMS. Court create physicians received every kind of public honors. Excessive pain, delirium, erosion or destruction of the cornea, and loss of sight, were the common occurrences. Side-boards were fitted'o the bedstead; he was Kept scrupulously clean and dry, and otherwise protected from the abrasions which the chahngs against the bed-clothes caused by his incessant movements, threatened. All that we expected was that the neurologist would have to guide the surgeon in his operative procedures upon peripheral nerves in the central nervous system when these were wounded by bullets or other missiles. In pysemia there are numerous scattered abscesses of small size. The gut was reducible, but the testicle was not, and lay in such a position, as to preclude efifectually the use of a well-fitting truss. (adjacent to LaSalle University at the intersection of Wister Street, Chew and Olney Avenues) Introduction and Welcoming Remarks Cluster Headache Temple University School of Medicine The Germantown Hospital and Medical Center New Concepts in the Treatment of Migraine Associate Professor of Neurology, Temple University Center for Headache, Cos Cob, Connecticut Assistant Professor of Psychology, Hahnemann "home" University. She never suffered any inconvenience from the accident in the way of locomotion, and there was no sign of inflammation or even congestion about the joint at any time subsequent to the injury." the Record relative to the employment of salicylic acid in the treatment of articular rheumatism, and it is corroborative evidence to me of its great value in the management of this disease.

It is needless to tell you that every precaution in the direction of personal and ward cleanliness is observed, and, moreover, tlnit clinical exhibition of the women is interdicted. The following is a account practical definition of alcoholism: beyond the control of the individual, continuing even and productive of serious problems in one of the major The Physical Examination. I do not intend admitting a multiplication till definite metastasis can be found in other organs, and not only germs at the site of injection. Having made up his mind upon the subject, he appreciated, his opportunity, and uperated upon the patient. The mare had been driven to town very slowly and seemed to be all right, but on the way home developed such colicky symptoms that it was with difficulty that she was gotten into the stable. Experienced MD, PhD, member in an Rheumatology.