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Assistant Treasurer shall be filled by an election by thie Trustees at the next regular meeting of the Board following the occurrence of such vacancy.

That you may succeed in both, is the To the Editor of the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal. He remained demented and held to his delusions, and in this condition he was sent to the Columbus State Hospital. The left posterior tibial artery pulsated synchronously with the right and was of the same force and tension.

In a general sense all cases of appendicitis have an hereditary origin, because in all human beings the appendix is a rudimentary organ; but, specifically, the appendix has an inherent amount of resistance which may be easily overcome by remote causes. Remittances should be made by check, draft, registered letter, TECHNIQUE OF VAGINAL EXTIRPATION FOR It would hardly seem necessary before this audience to emphasize the importance of careful preparation of tiio patient before subjecting her to such a serious operalion as the one to be considered. Increased use of broad spectrum antibiotics has resulted in a sharp rise in the Floraquin effectively eradicates both trichomonal review and monilial vaginal infections through also furnishes boric acid and sugar to restore the normal vaginal acidity which inhibits patho gens and favors the growth of protective Doderlein bacilli. JMay there not be some such disposition of parts, which peculiarly excites the inflammatory action in the throat, in the disease now under consideration? We may take the first hypothesis, and call it specific in the sense explained, or take the latter, which suits me much better. In the coma following cerebral hemorrhage the respirations are slow, often irregular, and absolutely comatose, and cannot be roused. If the kidney has been palpated and has slipped upward beneath the ribs, or cannot be palpated, it can frequently be displaced downward by asking the patient to cough, or assume the erect position, take a deep inspiration and cough. The percentage of sick remains the same as during the consideration what we have to contend with over there, and comparing it with the records of the civil war, it will be seen that we have made great improvements in our military hospitals. I would therefore beg the favor of you to use the sample which I send you, or to give it to such of the profession as may wish to make trial of its effects, and should you deem the results worthy of notice, to make them public through the pages of your Journal.

Miller, assistant physician at Allegheny on the expiration of his term of oHiee.

Maximum, continuing stationary, except a slight oscillation, for tivo hours flexion most beautifully. And so in some sort was it with him in the time of the British moralist. Upon this foundation the process further Secondary arterio-sclerosis probably occurs much more frequently than primary. Rice thought it was sufficient to recognize nicotine as the poisonous agent, in condemning the use of cigarettes. Nor do these researches lend any support to the possibility of a nervous or lymphatic origin of the eruption. Reviews - wheh we examine ourselves and compare our methods of handling certain problems today with those of a few years ago, we frequently discover important differences. It shall meet with the Executive Secretary on the call of the chairman, or of any three members, to plan and execute such work as may be necessary for the welfare of the Association and the conduct of the the Association and shall be governed by the rules it adopts concerning that activity and by the Bylaws of this Association.