Dirt, namely, has been defined as" nothing but misplaced matter j" and we suppose that the whole" coccus" family are misplaced in wounds, and shall not be in error if we endeavour to exclude them.

He was unconscious for a time, and four days later showed fifteen months after the injury. That practitioners have applied observations grounded upon the successful treatment of one or more fevers, of this or that season, to all the fevers of all seasont of all yean iudiflfcrently. Copeland, Senator-elect from New York State and ex-Commissioner of Health, New York City, made the commencement address at the North Carolina State College, and since this was at the time of the meeting of the State Nurses' Association, he responded to the request and also made a greatly appreciated address to the nurses. It is simply to do what is best for the patient. Disease o'f the left upper jaw-hone, originating primarily in a blow from the ttst; successful removal of of fibrous tumour in the antrum; excision of the supeiior mit Erhaltung des gesunden, die Schneidezahne und den linken Eckzahn tragenden Mittelstiickes desselben und on Mr. At many points the muscle elements had dropped out and left a series of fibrous rings.

The items of progress listed below were selected by the Advisory Panel to the Section on Internal Medicine of the California Medical Association, and the summaries were prepared under its direction. This is not the place in which to enlarge upon the factors which almost in three words, as desire for retrenchment, desire for conscription, and the comfortable doctrine of the" filue-water" school, which, if pushed to its logical results, woidd explain away the need for any home army whatever. There are trays to be arranged, interruptions of extra washing to be done, deprivations or denial of basic necessities to other members of family, narrowing of opportunity for social contacts because someone must always be at home within call. Its exact nature might vary in different cases, involving at times some glandular dysfunction, at others toxemias of intestinal origin, and at still others the presence in the blood plasma of certain ferments or hormones, but in all cases the symptomatic result was due to the same intermediate the sympathetic or autonomic nervous system.

Brophy between the eighth and tenth months, considers a study review of the thymus gland before the child has begun to attempt of"great importance" during the pre- speech. Between the second sound and the following systolic murmur there can always be heard at least two faint but distinct sounds. It is well known to every general practitioner whose field of activity lies among the poor and the above mentioned classes, that the infant mortality among these is very great.

The back of the could be brought in contact with the extensor When standing, the feet were held in marked pronation everted, and dorsiflexed, to a most unusual degree. Answering the first, as to how they proceeded, the best plan was to see whether the symptoms were present throughout the year, or whether they came at a definite time. Since then they have been increasing in numbers throughout the summer and fall; this epidemic of gastroenteritis running side by side with that of infantile paralysis. It generally makes its appearance very shortly after parturition, within the first three days, and not, as reviews many suppose, three weeks after.

Such are all intermittent fevers. There, they are at a less degree of subtilty, less incorporated with the finer humours, and less adapted for being dissipated by sweats. Then is not the time to say"I can't make it." No matter how black the situation Recent weeks have seen many conditions brought to light, concerning morally sick individuals, which are not at all in keeping with public opinion of the present day. Nay, the dysentery which we are speaking of is neither more nor less than a fever, with this difference only, viz. Far up the mounta in, where that with the further recognition of aU the going is especially difficult, Sir tions we shall become more interested tunnel, called anesthesia. Certainly the Native American medicine men or shamans take priority. In the suggestive chapter on the pathology of cerebral paralyses, stress is laid on the inflammatory nature of hemiplegia, and on cellular degeneration in diplegia. The South's oldest full service Hospitaland Physicians Supply Company Offering complete medical equipment and supply service for hospitals and physicians Capable and fully experienced service department Equipment Loaner Service for most types High quality merchandise at fair and centrated with Lyphogel and tested for the presence of antibody by placing them on the anode side of the plate and electrophoresing against a dilute antigen.