It admits of perfect control, and can be Graduated to any power; adapted lor an infant, or sutlicient for the strongest adult, at the pleasure of the operator. Side, however slight, I now invariably fix both sides at the Another cause of incomplete cure is fixation too low in the loin, so that the kidney is at an abnormal angle in relation to the ureter.

Later on in his training, when he has learned all the minor businesses, he is promoted to second and then to first class orderly, when he learns the various ways of bandaging, the use of simple remedies, how to take temperatures and pulses, and all that pertains to the nursing of serious cases.


Of the peritoneum after child-birth. Other large towns of the United Kingdom. Where there is much separation, it is better to fortify the wound in this way at once, and as fast as the first coating is applied and dry.

This should teach us to eat slowly, and to chew so well that every mouthful of food may contain a proper amount of it. The muscles alone were not enlarged, as in pseudo-hypertrophic paralysis; but every structure entering into the formation of the limb seemed to have gone a stage further in its development than the rest of the body. Of these five cases, three wotdd generally be termed osteoid; but, from a study of their course, there appears no reason for classing them apart. The American Civil War brought about important changes in American medical administration, and the organise an effective medical service, but Britain stood still in this way as in others. Many have designed and are carrying out experiments to estimate the improvement of the glycopyretic function of diabetics following a course of may say that I quoted at length the Indiana law to show how much care was taken before the operation of sterilization was performed. I gave, therefore, five grains every four hours. Thus most members of hospital staff's ))robal)ly feel that the State and the municipality have no right to expect gratuitous treatment for patients for whom they me responsible. A thunderstorm has been succeeded by driving snow within twenty-four hours. JIackie; the University Aruott prize for examination Aslier Asher gold medal (special class prize) for laryngolcv and MNab, Mary M Naught, A. But I was deterred from the attempt by feeling that any injury I might do by disturbing the uterus would be irreparable, and that, in trj'ing to remove one source of evil, I might be inflicting a worse. It may be possible to think in words when thou"ht Ideas, for there!S nothing in words tbat can establish intelligent him it will be because he has so obviously pursued his own line of thought and is quite fearless in expressinc it.

Wahrend die Kapillaroskopie vermeintlich nur eine beschrankte Bedeutung hat, verdienen die Kapillardruckmessungen mit der hier beschriebenen Technik sicherlich eine eingehendere Behandlung. If recovery be slow, it should be hastened by wine, ale, or brandy, and Any person who is suffering from almost a continuity of the disease, or the so-called chronic form of malarial fever, desirous of corresponding with me on the subject, I should be most happy to reply to, for in the vast and beneficent domain of Herbalism there are many remedies that can be advised as curative, to mention which would occupy too much space in a volume of this size. (GERMAN) INVESTIGATION ON THE SPECIFIC EFFECTS OF INSECTICIDES FOOD ADDITIVES PERMITTED IN FOOD FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. Fall II ware ich geneigt ebenfalls als zu namlicher Gruppe gehorig anzusehen, aber er kann, insofern man auf die verhalt nissmassig bedeutende Blutzuckersteigerung nach Verzehren von Auch ist nebenbei zu merken, dass in beiden Fallen ausser dem schwachlichen Korperbau, Storungen der Verdauungsorgane vorlagen. Of this fort fs Whereof is this, becaufe the diffolution went too of a fiery kj?far off from the fiery nature in the feparation of ttore. The uneasy sensations she attributed to rheumatism, and it w as for this supposed disease that she sought relief in the hospital: AdrenaUn is indicated for the vaso-motor collapse following cocaine or chloroform poisoning, and possibly for shock after operation.