E., one which has few remedies iu it, which will cut down the list of medicines at once. It always shows a tendency to spread transversely, so that cancer of the small curvature extends toward the greater, and that of the pyloric or cardiac portions readily causes annular stricture. Quinine, chlorine-water, charcoal, and other antiseptics, have been recommended as internal remedies; but they are of little service; they are recommended more on theoretical grounds than from experience of their benefit. The loss of normal mobility of the uterus under these circumstances means extension of the disease beyond that organ, and when such extension has taken place no operation compatible with primary recovery can eradicate the mischief. Finally the cornea became purulent and softened at some point; perforation would occur, and the anterior chamber would be emptied of its contents. The State declares that on and after that date there shall be a medical profession for the good of the people. Elements of this project continue to examine the Museum's public and professional Service to the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology by staff of this office includes membership in the Information Guidance Council, the Scientific Computing Group, the Master Planning Group, the Resources Management Committee, the Strategic Planning Committee, the Research Committee, the Registrars Forum, the Tissue Utilization Committee, and the Office of Continued Medical Education. In making a diagnosis of emmetropia I considered all children emmetropic admitted of any closer approximation, although many authorities will probably take exception to this definition My second step was to use the Javal ophthalmometer, and this part of the routine I consider the unique feature of my paper. The same is true of the use of other alkaline mineral waters, of the waters of Vichy, Marienbad, Kissengen, etc.

During the past few years many writers besides sur kidney, each of the twelve pyramidal iiortionn being transformed into a discrete pus sac recjuirirg multiple lacerations to evacuate before thb organ geons have insisted upon the sole localization of tuberculosis in other organs than the lungs, and for that reason they have advocated operative interference. Persons whose lymphatic glands participate in the general delicacy of the tissues, and in their tendency to this profuse cell-formation under the stimulus of inflammation, are said to be scrofulous. Many ladies were present, and fittingly graced these unofficial features of IN HONOR OF DR. Unfortunately, just at that time it was not convenient for me to get a satisfactory examination by an expert raieroscopist. Some nights the pain prevented sleep, on others, after sleeping for an hour or two, she waked with the pains, which generally diminished about midnight. On the other hand, large effusions, by which a considerable part of the lung is separated from the diaphragm and thoracic side of the chest, all vibration is checked, and the percussion-sound hollow and tympanitic. Owing to this oedema of the mucous membrane in which the submucous tissue participates, the calibre of the bronchi is reduced. Under the corpus ciliare, the capsule of the vitreous humour sends off an external lamina, which accompanies the retina, and is inserted, with it, into the forepart of the capsule of the lens, a little before its anterior edge.

Both kin lain all the principles of the vegetable that are soluble in the menstrua with which thej are prepared; but the volatile parts are dissipated, and dome of the fixed parts are decomposed; the proper extractive is oxygenized, and the virtues of the vegetable substance are altered or destroyed. They have the lateral sexual openings, but the links are broader and thicker; and the sexual organs are more fully developed, and more branched than in the links of the taenia solium.

He has been a good, though not a free liver; and has always taken much exercise in the open air.