But sometimes, colts, like calves and lambs, are weak or foolish, and need assistance; and, again, the mother may be ignorant or unfeeling, and some The sooner the training commences, the better, after the colt is several weeks old, if it be done by a discreet person, so that he may receive the kindest treatment He may be fastened by a halter, where he cannot injure himself, or shut up in a safe room.

It is directed posteriorly, slightly right or left, and slightly The T wave representing ventricular repolarization is directed left, inferior, and anterior:

Grafts two by four inches live well and retain remarkable vitality. Care for servicemen and their dependents, aid for the aged, all welfare grants are derived now getting all or part of their medical care from Yet renowned physicians lend their names to Is it because these doctors are themselves on the federal payroll? Is it because each of these derives Yet, because their names are news, they have influence all out of proportion to their numbers. It is probable that any agent which would serve to dissolve the zinc would act in a similar manner on metallic impurities, such as lead, etc., with which the THE CONTAMINATION OF PATS AND OILS BY METAL CONTAINERS.

With regard to the different faculties enumerated in this system, it does not appear to us difficult to show that some of them, at least, do not exist. Last Monday evening, however, the committee on hygiene of the Medical Society of the County of New York made a report setting forth the defects of certain of the buildings most pointedly, and this report, having been summarized in some of the newspapers, seems likely to prove more effective. The violent neuralgic pains may be best relieved by dry cupping or by rubefacients, as sinapisms, chloroform, or the like. In from two to three hours the stomach resumes its usual condition as regards the gastric juice. Induce cheerfulness in an army. A SLUR ON THE POLYCLINIC CORRECTED. It sometimes increased the alvine evacuations. Hammond has collected seventy cases of death during the last ten years of men running after a street-car and dropping dead in the street. Of these I shall not condescend to take any notice, believing them to have originated, generally, in motives unworthy of the medical character.

On the initial examination a questionable abdominal mass was found and a psoas abscess was discovered complicated by pyarthrosis. It is known to all practitioners of medicine, and in fact to all intelligent men, that some persons who, through the stroke of battle or from the edge of the surgeon's knife, have had part of their limbs cut away, have feelings so closely resembling those which they had in the lost member before its separation, that the impression upon the mind is precisely the same as if that part of the body was still incorporate with the rest. The advantages of an anaesthetic are obvious in annulling pain, which is undoubtedly a serious source of depression, and in lessening or stopping involuntary expulsion efforts. The classified blanks are arranged to hold records of all kinds of professional work, with memoranda and accounts. Some pathologists are of opinion, that it is not necessary, and that epilepsy may be produced, and in some cases has been produced, by a new and strong impression in a perfectly well organized brain and nervous system, and independently of predisposition. That the use of the curette and mild escharotic are needful and efficient this drug, says:"In gyncecologicat practice the drug has a limited field of usefulness. While his professional attainments gave him public distinction, his private virtues endeared him to all who were admitted to his intimacy, and his associates, who knew not only his unwav ering devotion to the highest interests of scientific medicine, but his unvarying benevolence of dispoation and generosity of thought and deed, mourn even more for immigration is reported at St. Such another case I cut off in a servant of his majesty, and some others, who were thereby freed from their distempers, But to return to the book before us. Regular blood counts should be made.

Old beans are preferred, as new are more flatulent and harder tc digest, producing colic and founder.