Like some Sarsar wind of death the races of the Teuton have passed from the portals of the East, until now the golden shores of the Pacific acknowledge their dominion. It is now the great encyclopaedia aENERAL THERAPEUTICS AND MATERIA MEDIC A; adapted for a Medical Text-book. Virginia Regional Meeting of the American College recommended of Nuclear Cardiology In-Service Workshop (University of Miami School of Medicine), Miami. At the time of investigation it was found that the dependent was unknown at the A friend said that this dependent had a father htm in New Jersey who was well-todo. Isolated reports of neutropenia, jaundice; periodic blood counts and liver function tests advisable during long-term therapy. Regarding the most likely site to biopsy, the "review" surface of the lesion, and presence of satellite tumors. I wondered where all this fluid came from, and concluded that the whole cerebro-spinal system of the child must be distended with fluid, and relief at the point of the meningocele had allowed the accumulation of fluid in the deeper parts of the system to fill the sac, showing that the cerebro-spinal fluid flows in the direction of the cranium.

Cribed in other lands under different titles. A minor amendment to the Public Health Act extends the safeguards regarding impure food to animals affected with We congratulate the Legislature, the Government, the Provincial Secretary and the Provincial Board on their fresh evidences of regard for the health interests of the people. This was an incised wound of the foot. The one concerns the origin and purpose of glycogen in the system, that substance which stands in such close relation with sugar; the other is in regard to the nerve- tracts which govern the distribution of the glycogen and sugar. Dropped on the tongue, the effect is more rapid, as there is no dilutiou. No Councilor shall be eligible to succeed himself after four years, as Councilor, but he may be elected after two shall serve until their successors are elected and The term of the President, President Elect, Vice President, and Treasurer elected at the annual end on the last day of the annual meeting in that year. If these are touched with a drop of acetic acid, or, better still, with diluted hydrocliloric acid, the lime is dissolved and the white colouring disappears. The pulse becomes rapid, weak and dichrotic, the respiration increased, shallow and jerky, the gait staggering. Antiminth is partially absorbed after an oral dose.

In hot countries, the fundamental rule for preserving the health, is to keep the body cool. Where special attention had been given to the employment of inmates the institutional management claimed that the value of the product of the inmates much more than offset the cost of machinery necessary to employ them and supervision for the purpose of instructing them.

Even grammes of carbohydrates, the glycosuria remained during the eleven days of the diet. Syphilitic enlargement of the glands of the neck are not very common, and when you do find them they are hard, and seldom suppurate.

This can be done cheaply and effectually by submitting them to the action of boiling water or"live steam" for a few hours. Roswell Park's striking article on the increase of cancer medical journals of this country and of England as to whether the increase of cancer, according to the mortality statistics, was apparent or real. Keflex movements of the legs much diminished. It was a farm and a a of which to be proud. Arthur Benson exhibited specimens of choroidal sarcomata mounted in glycerine jelly. Not only have gonorrhea and syphilis been reported with increasing frequency each year, but the national venereal disease problem has already reached epidemic proportions. He should also have supervision of the reading care of the buildings and the employment of the help, and perform the functions of the former purchasing of the various kinds of food needed for the year. Sidered by his friends as of unsound mind. The blood picture however is that of uraemia. Eight months pregnant, was sent in from the Extern Maternity again given. He incidentally states, says the Sanitary large mortality among cats, so much so that the dustmen (" ashmen") said that they had never remembered seeing so many dead cats in private dwelling dust (ash) heaps before.

It becomes then a question of great difficulty to eliminate this gouty tendency; and even though a member of such a family lives in a most appropriate manner, he may not escape. That they appear in an aspect of antagonism is not a reflection on them, or on medical science, but is due simply to the fact that the case presents many points of obscurity, and is in no respect typical, whence it follows that negative evidence approaches the THE CHLOROFORM DISCUSSION IN THE PARIS For some weeks past the Academie de Medecine of Paris has been discussing the dangers of chloroform and the mode of avoiding them.