The warm water, on the other hand, depresses; a sense of coldness results, and though the sweats are slow and languid, they are still profuse and To those loin.;- accustomed to press their beds of down: long acquainted with indulgences which wealth and affluence unfortunately entail: suffering ennui from breaking down of energy; too feeble and irresolute, physically and such the water cure is invaluable. To complete the apparently truthful determinations of these microscopists, I would only have to place before them some of these cells which I have found in a state of self-division, each half possessing its genital-like mesoblast. The whole surface of the abdomen was kneaded with oil, and emollient poultices were applied, and pills with compound tincture of colocynth and one minim of croton oil given.

The Gods considered as aged, the person who, though young in years, has read, and understands the vedas. This form of leptomeningitis, unlike the tuberculous variety, is prone to attack the convexity of the brain.

The first of these sounds is synchronous with the systole of the ventricles, the second with their diastole; the second follows the first immediately, and is succeeded by an interval of silence. The effect of heat on this gas is curious. From the fact that few of Miss M.'s school- fellows had been revaccinated, I was at first in some doubt as to what course I should adopt with them; for it was some time before I was quite convinced of the nature of the case. But without success: for it was difficult to collect and appreciate the first portions which escaped, and likewise to disengage the last portions ( The root is the medicinal part of this plant, which, when recent, is very acrimonious; and, upon being chewed, excites an intolerable which continues for several hours. The systematic name of the blessed or holy thistle. The following mixture is also much recommended. In cases of topical inflammation, connected with a phlogistic state of body, preceded by rigour and general fever, and where the local formation of matter is the solution of the general inflammatory symptoms, experience directs us to the use of the warm relaxing applications, rather than those which, by exciting a general reaction, would increase the local complaint. The average quantity of milk to be given at one time small quantities at a time; the patient requires much water. Hcberden's nodosUies are the nodtdes, encountered in this disease, on the sides and ends of the distal phalanges of the fingers and toes. Hair: so called from the resemblance to hair or fine extend surface of the body, or on the surface of internal cavities, are called capillary. In a recent report read by myself before our State medical society, it was suggested that four committees be appointed, consisting each of two principals and two alternates, to prepare and read brief papers on the following subjects, viz.: Medical education. When the blood passes above, the person may be cured; but not so when below.

The device proposed was that of the"internal alarm clock," the power of some persons to awake at any hour at will. The mortalityrate during a prolonged period of excessively hot and hnmid wolka or in poorly-ventilated and bighly-heated. It will be white like pure camphor, and will resemble the corrosive sublimate. - since then, the trouble has progressed steadily in both his arms and legs. The wall of the portal vein was found to be calcified and the lumen occluded by a thrombus. A longconoidal gland, red externally, situated in the internal canthus of each eye, before the union of the eyelids. Upon the whole, the board has not deemed it wise to go too far in advance of the average been useless. One drachm of a stronger alcoholic extract killed the animal in one hour; the same dose of a weaker extract in three hours. Acland truly observes, completely confuses those who wish to reason clearly upon questions appertaining to the prevention of epidemics, or the cure of pauperism; and my own acquaintance with medical men has revealed to me that but a verj- few of our body are at all aware of the existence of any such" law of nature" as that discovered by Malthus about the commencement of this century. Arrest of the disease, when it occurs, is due to calcification of the tubercles. In some species of interesting relation to the different habits of the Pteropus, the anterior portion of the ossa pubis, two groups, the former structure being calcu instead of meeting at the median line, recede lated to afford a powerful and effective rudder more or less from each other, and the space is in guiding their rapid and varying evolutions filled by ligament. In charring wood it has been conjectured, that a portion of it is sometimes converted into a pyrophorus, and that the explosions that happen in powder-milli Charcoal is made on the great scale, by igniting ts to be used in the manufacture of gunpowder, it la I suffered to escape, and that the reabsorption of tht crude vapours be prevented, by cutting off the communication between the interior of the cylinders and the; Apparatus for condensing the pyrolignous acid, whenever the fire is withdrawn from the furnace.

It matters but little how we effect our aim; all that is wanted to complete our object is carbon, in sufficient quajitity to overpower the braia and its functions.