Congress, therefore, is faced with this solemn (jnestion: What shall the law Seldom has an important piece of legislation been so confused and camoufiasred by projraganda and promises. One of the most marked symptoms was the very decided tenderness upon pressure in the left iliac fossa over the region of the sigmoid flexure while there was none in the right ( There are localized depressed spots of atrophy, which, on pressure, give the so-called" parchment crackling." Flat hyperostoses develop from the outer table, particularly on the frontal and parietal bones, and produce the characteristic broad forehead with prominent frontal eminences, a condition sometimes mistaken for hydrocephalus. Copies of our NEW attractively illustrated, informative mother booklet are available.

Meigs, produced a fever of low type, when there was not the slightest reason for suspecting typhoid fever. Naturally the features in cancer of the pylorus would be very different from those met with in an excessive drinker. When in doubt, the examination of the fluid from the pustule may show the presence of the anthrax bacilli. In milder cases there are general feebleness, neurosis, headaches, chlorosis, menstrual irregularities, changes of character, with or without onanism, or the onset of constitutional diseases. If it is small it may be tied and amputated like an appendix, the stump being buried or covered with peritoneum. Although over two million people have ditd from the disease in the last few and commerce has greatly suffer"d. More often it is only one feature in a condition of general neurasthenia or a manifestation of that form of nervous dyspepsia in which the gastric juice or hydrochloric acid is secreted in excess. The conditions under which it occurs have been already from (n) the father, the mother being healthy (sperm inheritance). He refers the onset of his ilhiess to an accident, when a bQ lb. On the anterior surface of the stomach adhesions do not so readily form, hence the great danger of the ulcer in this situation, which more readily perforates and excites a diffuse and fatal peritonitis. The word"cause" had not so far been used in the sentence, and it must therefore be found in the words"accidental means"; therefore there the other cause, whatever that might be.

Chunn that the view he had of it during the operation and from above was very apt to mislead. In the long list of diseases where the stomach or intestines are involved directly or indirectly, e.g., Insomnia, Dyspepsia, Nausea, Nervous Exhaustion, Anaemia, Debility, Gastric Affections, Convalescence after Typhoid and other Fevers, Alcoholic Excesses, Diarrhceal Diseases, Bronchitis, Consumption and Wasting Diseases. Other symptoms are loss of appetite, paroxysms of cough, vomiting or diorrhoRa. Drainage has also been established in such cases.