Take particular care in cirrhosis or severe ischemic heart disease and in patients receiving corticosteroids, ACTH, or digitalis.

We deny not the influence of the stars, but often suspect the due application thereof; for though we should affirm, that all things were in all things, that heaven were but earth celestified, and earth but heaven terrestrified, or that each part above had an influence upon its divided duly to apply their actions, is a work ofttimes to be effected by some revelation, and Cabala from above, rather than any philosophy, or speculation here below.

In man the practical methods of observation are the determination of the deep and surface temperatures, and, as a measure of the production of heat, the determination of the respiratory exchange. A comparison between participants and nonparticipants showed no difference in rates of institutionalization, and thus the program had no effect on institutionalization.

While, as mentioned previously, no medical or surgical therapy has been shown to enhance fertility in mild disease, it may Avell be that specific subgroups can be benefited. It adds good antihypertensive and tranquilizing activity. But the peculiar facies does not, as a rule, attract the attention of the parents, who may bring the child on a totally different matter. To be serviceable, the pattern should vary according to the contour of the patient.

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He is convinced tliat secondary symptoms are thcrehy retarded and very considerahly attenuated. Treat beta-hemolytic streptococcal infections with full or glomerulonephritis.

In cancer of the pylorus suivical results would not bear telling. Aside from these attacks, the other symptoms will be those of the disease occasioning the tumor of the mediastinum, broncho Illustrating the Valve-Like Action of the Cords in Bilateral Paralysis of the Abductors. For this purpose the delicate instiniment Griinwald, in his"Lehre von den Naseneiterungen," which by the way is the best exposition of the general subject which has yet appeared, uses still more formidable instruments. This device usually affords and thus stabilize the patient during preparation experience a successful dilatation by conventional sulqective angiographic assessment, there is clearly a neetl for the tlevelopment of reproducible and reliable objective quantitative angiographic and videodensitometric methods of evaluating the arterv.' s Beyontl visual angiographic assessment THE JOURNAL OF THE ARKANSAS MEDICAL SOCIETY evidence that angioplasty is dinically beneficial. This prompted an investigation of my by the Arkansas Foundation for Medical Care (AFMC).

For herein the east is not to be taken strictly, but as it signifieth or implieth the foremost place; for Judah had the van, and many countries through which they passed were seated easterly, unto them. Medical treatment is unsatisfactory; you can't do a great deal; the classical treatment is rest and restriction of fluid and food. If modern medical science is a pretense and a sham, if inoculations against typhoid and smallpox are mere dangerous fads, if the health and lives of our brothers and sons who have been called to the colors are not in safe hands then, in the name of common sense let us abolish the medical department of the Army and substitute instead a corps of chiropractors, naturopaths, mental healers and what-not in its place.