- our suggestion is this: The Physicians and Surgeons to Hospitals are, or ought to be, of the consulting order; they ought to be resorted to as friends, not looked on as rivals by the General Practitioner. Here the skin is tender and sensitive. So, also, labor itself was a different process, inasmuch as it was spontaneous, and not managed. In this condition all food should be insalivated. He did not believe in giving enough radium to sterilize the patient, or to interfere with ovarian function. The removal of the old material is best effected before the manure is removed the latter: register. Under the name of malignant alopecia are included those, fortunately rare, cases where a more or less rapid fall of hair from aU parts of the body takes place, resulting in absolute baldness.

Trephining for Traumatic Epilepsy; No Epileptic Seizures since Operation. It is necessary, however, that the organic matter shoidd bum very slowly to prevent the formation of carbonic oxide, and the process shoidd last for about three-quarters of an hour, when the piunp is again put into action, and the donor products of consist of carbonic acid and nitrogen with a little nitric oxide, and these are to be measured and estimated in the usual way.

Cornet promises to publish the details of This paste is especially adapted to the treatment of appreciable effect could be observed, but during the greater part of the following day there was extreme drowsiness, also considerable cyanosis. The Guarantee Trust and Safe Deposit Company of Money, acts as Registrar and Transfer Agent of Corporation Stocks, and executes Trusts of every kind under appointment of States, Courts, Corporations, or individuals, holding Trust Funds separate and apart fro?n Receipts for and safely keeps Wills For further information call at the office, or send for a circular: She is now subject "" to attacks of vomiting and diarrhoea; she is slightly rachitic. We may still hope that antipyrine will prove useful in some cases in which other drugs have failed, and come to be counted as one of the drugs which may with propriety be tried in the treatment of sea-sickness: careers.

GESELLSCHAFT DER AERZTE ZU WIEN ZEITSCHRIFT FUER ANALYTISCHE CHEMIE (Wiesbaden) ZEITSCHRIFT FUER ANATOMIE UND ENTWICKLUNGSGESCHICHTE (Munich; Berlin; etc.) ZEITSCHRIFT FUER BIOLOGIE (Munich; Berlin) ZEITSCHRIFT FUER CHEMOTHERAPIE UND VERWANDTE GEBIETE (Leipzig) ZEITSCHRIFT FUER DIE GESAMTE ANATOMIE. However, the general public in this country is profoundly ignorant on this matter. I certainly shoidd not care to drink many ounces of the ordinary louillon supplied to the patients, but then I have not been brought up in Austria, and am consequently not qualified to pass judgment on the articles of Austrian diet, since the old adage holds good eveiywhere, that" what is one man's meat is another's poison." I may be allowed to add that the contractor drives a very nice carriage and jjair of horses.

For particulars see catalogue, for which address, A Simplified Apparatus for the preparation and introduction of gases into the This Apparatus has advantages which others do not possess, and being considerably lower in price than any devised for a similar purpose, it should commend itseli to the favorable consideration "linkedin" of the medical profession. LOUIS, COMPTES RENDUS REVIEW OF NEUROLOGY AND PSYCHIATRY (Edinburgh) RE VISTA ARGENTINA DE HISTORIA DE LA MEDICINA (Buenos REVISTA, ASOCIACION MEDICA ARGENTINA (Buenos Aires) RE VISTA BRASILEIRA DE HISTORIA DE MEDICINA (Rio de Janeiro) REVISTA DE CIENCIAS MEDICAS DE BARCELONA RE VISTA DE LA SOCIEDAD VENEZOLANA DE HISTORIA DE LA RE VISTA DE SANIDAD MILITAR (Madrid) REVISTA, SOCIEDAD ARGENTINA DE BIOLOGIA (Buenos Aires) REVUE D'HISTOIRE DE LA MEDECINE HEBRAIQUE (Paris) REVUE D'HISTOLRE DE LA PHARMACIE (Paris) REVUE D'ORTHOPEDIE ET DE CHIRURGIE DE L'APPAREIL MOTEUR. The manifestations promptly disappeared under treatment, but soon returned with vehemence, in consequence of which the patient came to the clinic of Prof. A male, forty-five years of age, had, for years, been more or less a sufferer from naso-pharyngeal catarrh with tinnitus aurium and slight impairment of hearing, and more recently had begun to suffer from feeble digestion.

This child born at eight months; no forceps; labor long and hard.

The history is usually as follows: A child of about two, old enough to creep, but not sufflciently intelligent to know better, thrusts some small, rounded object, such as a bean or a shoe-button, which it has found upon the floor, into its nostril. Broca, whose ideas I have just been But is this theory of the early development of the left frontal convolutions true? Gratiolet says it is.