Evidence is not wanting of the carrying of cholera and otiier diseases in rags. On the Treatment of Hernia in Children, to be intrcducedE D. Nutrient enemas were given for a week.

There'was no evidence of tubercle in the lungs. Sitting, the old operation revived by Bigelow, at first sight seems a very simple and easy one; but the aspiration of calculous detritus, as well as the preliminary operation of crushing, is in reality attended by great danger. It is there laid down that no medical officer of any public hospital or infirmary, whether supported by endowments or subscriptions, is entitled to fees or remuneration for attendance at an inquest if it was his duty to attend the deceased person as a medical officer of such institution. Horsley treated the wound on precisely the same principles as those which he had found to be successful with monkeys after experimental operations, and the result has left nothing to be desired. It is now over thirty years since the first edition of the British Pharmacopwia was published, in which the imperial pound and ounce were made official for the compounding of medicines. The steroids most recent biopsy was taken only about ten days ago.

Since then he had always advised operation. One case of ulcerative endocarditis that he had met with resembled acute yellow atrophy of the liver, and the cause of the hepatic complication was an embolus that The absolute diagnosis of certain conditions of the heart was generally impossible, as, for instance, the existence in it of new growths, such as cancer, tubercle, etc. Breathing is accelerated by anything that impedes the dilatation of the lung, or excites the anindal. It would be found that in those hospitals where medical treatment was relied on, the museums had most of such specimens to show. The school waa establighed solely to teach anatomy, and the summer coar.-e was especially well attended; for Brookes had invented a method of injecting his subjects with nitre, which fitted them for dissection in the, when there THE MEDICAL INSTITUTIONS OF LONDON. With all of the new mechanical devices nurses will have to have even greater mechanical ability than at the present time: review. The Local Government Board have wi-itten to the Grimsby Board of Guardians on their treatment of the pauper children under their care. Once the poi samples were inoculated with M. Where the wound is closed the disease is sewed in and it will return quickly.

In neither case was there a demonstration of tlie condition of the gall-bladder, so that there was no information as to whether there was a gall-stone in it, nor w'as the nature of the concretions within the diverticulum Dr. The ciliary processes were very small, their tissue having a fibrous aspect, with scattered cellular elements; and above their pigment the ciliary portion of the retina was observed to be adherent.

The bowels are regular and she sleeps fairly well. There were but few spindle-cells, as far as could be seen; nor was the connective tissue or elastic-fibre bundles conspicuous.

There was a feeling of danger expressed in admitting these persons to be a new order of practitioners. Domingos JosiJ A Manual of Surgery. His researches were conducted on artificial vocal bands, on description of the details of these methods which are made clear by the numerous illustrations that accompany the text. Aldsinckle's contention, were unnecessary, and this view was upheld by Dr.

The names of three fellows have been dropped from the rolls on account of delinquency in payment THE CAUSATION AND TREATMENT OF LATERAL CURVATURE, SOME OF THE RESULTS OF FRACTURES, THE ETIOLOGY AND TREATMENT OF SUM.MER DIARRHCEA OF INFANTS, The following delegates were then introduced; Succeeding this came a short intermission, during which_ there was opportunity for the renewal of old acquaintances and the formation of new, or for inspection of the vast variety of pharmaceutical products which the industrious venders displayed in the lower rooms, and at the hotel across the street.