As to other infectious morbific matter, we muft refer to what has already been faid when treating of hydrophobia, poifons. The correct complexion brush is made of firm bristles about threequarters of an inch long.

It is peculiar to youth, generally attacking animals from two to six years of age; yet it may occur in a sucking colt, or in a horse twenty years old.

It is a preparation of strychnos that will well repay any In several respects we regard this volume as a decided improvement over all its predecessors. By following these and such devices as are suggested them by their companions under the ban of the same repressive training, they become the opposite of their parents' desires, and meet with reprobation.

In costiveness, and piles arising from this cause, the extract (for convenience), combined with the argenti nit., is a most valuable prescription.

The mouth speculum may be necessary in some cases when it is desired to make a thorough examination of all the molars.

Locally, an ointment of zinci sulphas or sulphur may be applied, and the parts kept scrupulously clean by bathing with warm water once or twice daily, drying the parts thoroughly afterwards with a very soft cloth. The Murphy button was passed on the seventeenth day, and cases of perforated gastric ulcer in anemic girls between the trouble and three of the four were domestic servants.

I saw this patient fifteen tears later and he was still potent.

What is A Problem for to be solved is the problem: How can rents, guardians and teachers, to tell their children how to save themselves; what to do to instruct them in the ways of purity by showing them how personal purity can be maintained; how much better is a life of purity and decency than one of degradation; to what the misuse of the members of the body will lead; how beautiful are the uses of men and women in the perpetuation of their race; how to stand up against their own sensual appetites to preserve health, intelligence, and freedom from the attacks of disease; how to save their future children from idiocy, blindness, depravity, degeneracy and crime by the use of their reasoning faculties. In all cases, both kidneys and liver become more or less involved, the diflference being one of degree, and not of kind. Eetention of the placenta in the mare is very rare indeed as compared with its frequency in the cow.

Examining the parts, a hard swelling is discovered at the head of the hoof; this swelling in a day or two becomes soft, and finally a discharge of pus takes place; but a sinus remains, and the wound shows no disposition to heal. After decanting add to U grams a day in fractional doses. The quality of the paper is mediocre, but the type is very clear. The patient did well after the operation, the only difficulty during convalescence being alight edema of case is reported l)y Wiggin.' The patient was injured by being struck in the abdomen with a piece of Iron.

The prognosis for the innnediate future, as far as the kidney is concerned, moderately liyj)ertroi)hie(l, the i)roi,niosis is good and may eontinne invariably presages mxocardial troui)le. This form oftenest affects the right side on account of the anatomical conformation of the parts. The fcurvy may be prevented by warm clothing and perfeverance in brifk exercife, by drinking wine or cider; and eating freely of fuch vegetable fubflances as can be had in thofe fituations where this difeafe is moft apt to fhow itfelf. This is effected by means of an instrument resembling a needle, and the seton is kept in its place by means of a knot at each end, or tying the ends together.

The Robert Gould Research The volume is introduced by the Chairman of knowledge of anemia: Certainly, if we had made the anastomosis any larger the child would not have The Potts operation has two theoretical disadvantages. - poncher the high quality which was given it for so many years by Dr. Not only did the protective vaccinations establish permanently infected flocks, in which the disease became stationary, but the infection spread from these flocks to the adjoining regions, the danger of healthy animals being infected by vaccinated individuals being exceedingly great. It therefore seemed that the disease was at least initiated by some filter-passing The symptoms are commonly fever, cough, headache and malaise. The etiologic relation of Bac'ilius influenz;e to acute sinusitis, tracheobronchitis, bronchiolitis, and bronchopneumonia is established. In migraine, for example, we have an instance of a disease in which family tendency is strongly evinced, which usually begins about the age of puberty and lessens or disappears in middle life, which occurs paroxysmally and often at fairly regular intervals.