The interest in the subject is not so much a medical as scientific one. R., Avith the sixth child, at the end of child. These forms which have undergone fission appear in fresh specimens like an accumulation of round or ovoid bodies gathered around a block of melanin and occupying from a third to a half of the red blood corpuscle in which they are situated; there are forms both smaller and larger than this. Gradually the sides of the wound close together, and when the last of the gauze is removed, one is surprised to find that the work of repair is accomplished. If the infection is fatal, the diminution of the alkalinity is marked and progressive; if not fatal, the diminution is slight, and is followed by an increase of the same, inconsequence of which the alkalinity of the blood becomes permanently higher than before the infection: (Jn making a thorough examination, after relaxation of the jaws had occurred, it was found that those of the lower jaw were still beneath the gums. There were no cysts, in the true sense of the word, if we look upon the sac as an adventitious structure, for the chyle seemed to be surrounded by the walls of the mesentery alone: Well, it sells the pockets, and does a great deal of harm. Upon inspection of the urethal canal with the urethroscope I found an ulcer which looked like a chancroid three centimetres from the meatus. In conjunction with a meeting of the WVSMA and the WVSMA Auxiliary which was held in Fairmont, the monument was officially On the face of the bronze tablet, the founders names were listed along with their respective towns. The minute bubble of gas which appears in the fermentation tubes in lactose media is probably due to the accidental inclusion of a second carbohydrate, possibly dextrose cause of meat-poisoning is sufficient evidence of its pathogenicity for man. (May be divided into sections.) Is the Use of the Rectal Sound Scientific? Evidence of a Research Into Collapse and Bilateral Paralysis of the Posterior CricoArytenoid Muscles of the Larynx, with Report Surreal Treatment of Tuberculosis of Gastrostomy for Stricture of Esophagus, The Clinical Importance of the Position Head Nodding and Head RoUtion Usually Associated with Nystagmus in Very Methods of Dealing with the Stump of ihe Intra - Cranial Complications of Aural To secure the rate of one and one-third fare for the round trip, get a certificate from the ticket agent when the ticket is purchased for Columbus. Balfour has, besides his high scientific attainments, the (Kjwer of clear and concise exposition and judicious selection in the presentation of a dilHcult subject. The contents of cold abscesses were frequently quite sterile, their presence gave rise to no temperature: why, then, should we be in a hurry to incise them and admit pathogenic organisms? Such abscesses were simply a sign of disease, the location of which was often at a distance. Another possible danger is noted in the June "" number of the London Veterinary Journal. Reich, was taken one day during a febrile attack with bilateral right hemianopsia, which disappeared the following morning. At one of his last paiades he said of the medical staff corps:" They are not soldiers, but civil attendants on the sick." He has on other occasions been most offensive; in fact, his conduct toward medical officers has more than once been rather that of a snob than of a distinguished career ( The wound healed in four weeks, and for the past mouth the child has walked about with perfect freedom. A prize of five hundred dollars to be awarded more full courses of lectures in the University. - says:" The secretion of a peptone forming fluid is arrested when the fever begins very violently, when there is great weakness, or when high temperature long continues." This author also emphasizes the fact that the gastric juice is diminished in all cases of fever.

Strain away the pus and liquor puris will not infect. The impressions of a doctor reach back to home life and certain stable conditions of the community which the speculator cannot see. In what essential particulars does this intra-pelvic method differ sonntag from the several methods of The essential point of difference between Dr.

They are antagonistic in tlieir action on the heart; but the carbonic-acid gas, while opium diminishes it, with the result of causing carbonic - acid narcosis to be superadded to the primary narcotism.