The carefully prepared ten-minute addresses at this meeting will include questions of staff organization in general, as well as by departments; the relation of the general practitioner to the hospital staff; the relation of groups to hospitals and the relation of dentistry to the hospital, together with the usual standard staff departments.

It has been a pleasure to note from time to time the really important strides which have been made within the last few years as they have come to our attention from you directly and especially through the very thorough and conscientious work of Dr. Because it contains Salicylic Acid made from the purest natural Oil of Wintergreen, combined with standard remedial agents of absolute purity, insuring in every instance"certain results from certain is in summer t me delightfully adapted to out-of-door life; no malaria, no unstrolce: reviews. There was no evidence of an inflammatory condition, and the cause of the lesion was unknown. The absence of these nasal signs throws us back toward cancer or some other painful affection of the alimentary canal.

Although it is possible for infection to be carried from the abdomen to the liver by the systemic circulation, the occurrence is undoubtedly rare. Queen Alexandra, the Danish Crown Princess, and the Princesses Victoria, Maud, and Thyra were also present, occupying seats in the transept. The excess as well as the defect of the proper qualities might cause distemperature.

But what of the personal inconvenience to inoculated persons? Soldiers are usually in the pink of condition; and, moreover, it requires an illness of rather sharp severity to be taken account of by them. Newell for his kindness in allowing me to report this case.

Delay in scarlet fever would be disastrous but A month or two ago I was informed that a lecturer was using a picture of a large apartment block in Cambridge to illustrate unsanitary living conditions and describing this particular building as a"hot bed for tuberculosis." I have heard residents of the city call it by the The block faces on four streets and contains about ninety apartments some of which open only onto a shaft. It is certain beside that these last two points are sufficient to explain the divergent opinions of some writers. Macewen, regius professor of surgery at Glasgow, whose words on the subject should be given a most careful consideration.

Again, resourceful nature is ready with another line of defense.

The anesthetics used wore nitrous oxide, ethyl chloride, and anesthol. - it then became necessary to seek some able and worthy incumbent for the vacant chair. The doctor would be apt to degenerate into the clerk, whose endeavors would be largely devoted to escaping the criticism of his superiors, and men of talent would cease to find attraction in the medical profession.

ABSENCE OF THE PROSTATE ASSOCIATED WITH ENDOCRINE Whether the prostate deserves to be classified among the incretorv glands is as yet extremely concerning its possible harmonic activity have been undertaken. REVISED AlVB ENLARGED BY THE AUTHOR. This is not done in the other places. These subdivisions are indicated by paragraphing and heavy type headings, an arrangement which adds greatly to the reader's convenience. There seems to be no difference of opinion in high medical authority, of the value of phosphoric acid, and no preparation has ever been offered to the public which seems to so happily meet It is not nanseoas, bnt agreeable to tbe taste.

When this virile race conquered Spain and established centres of learning in that country, Arabic versions of Galen were translated into Latin (some by Arabian, some by Jewish scholars), and in this form re-introduced to mediaeval Yet Galen's authority was not undivided.