- the Directors of the Philadelphia Horse-Show Association have selected the following veterinarians to serve at the open-air show to Dr. A small saphenous artery has been seen which accompanies the short saphenous vein behind the external malleolus and anastomoses with one of the tarsal branches (Hyrtl). In the operation, which lasted an hour and a half, much blood escaped into the peritoneum. It has been seen in other forms of heart disease, especially in with even more frequently and at all ages ura?mia, and tubercular meningitis.' It has frequently been seen in cases in which in a case of fatty degeneration of the heart, during the narcosis which fohowed a fatal injection of morphia, and also in chloral narcosis.

Some Southern cattle are infected with flukes. His impression is that in the majority of instances the constipation originates in a neglect to attend to the calls of nature, whereby the bowel ultimately becomes insensible to its natural stimulus. De la Croix has stated that a ten per cent, solution is required to destroy bacterial life. In bad cases the elbow and knee joints are kept semiflexed when standing still, and when walking or trotting the dropping of the head and body is extreme, in consequence of a similar flexion.

The local symptoms increased still more in severity, until there were uniform redness, swelling, and tension of the hand, of the fore-arm, and part of the arm, with painfully enlarged glands in the axilla. On all the agar tubes shining, grayish-white colonies about the size of a lentil developed. These may be made of sheets of gutta-percha softened in warm water and applied so as to adapt themselves to the inequalities of the lirob; of strong pasteboard with the edges torn (not cut) and softened in water to allow of its being moulded to the surface; of starch bandage, a long cotton bandage three inches wide, laid on accurately, layer above layer, and starched as applied so that it dries into a perfectly fitting and hard resisting case; a plaster bandage consisting of a long roll of the same kind with plaster of Paris thickly dusted between its layers, and the whole dipped in water before it is applied; or pieces of sheetiron carefully padded to prevent chafing and secure perfect adaptation, and bound firmly by a surface bandage; or wooden splints may be fashioned to the form of one side of the limb and applied with a sufficient internal padding. This serves as a soother to the kidneys, a laxative at first and a nutriment later. Ueber die Kraukheiten der Luftwege. A clinical demon.str;ition before the members of the Philadelphia Countv Medical Society, at the German Hospital of of treating cbronic diseases of tbe lungs by medicated Clinical notes on Dr.

It always comes on gradually, and it may be partial or complete as regards the entire circumference of tha anus.

Celsi particula ex secnndo de natura, ac propietate cnjusque rei, qua vescimur. For those cases whose nasal secretions are offensive, five grains of salicylic acid should be added to the pint of warm Throughout my professional life, since by study, reflection and experience I had carefully settled the question in my own mind, I have declared in public and in private circles, that traumatic tetanus was incurable by any of the remedies now I made this declaration before this learned association at its last meeting; but as Solon said that he learned something in his old age, every day, and continually advanced in the paths of knowledge, I trust it may not be deemed affectation to assert that I have, in the last four months, learned at least one fact, that traumatic tetanus is curable. The benzoic acids of commerce are derived from all three EEFERENCE HANDBOOK OF THE MEDICAL SCIENCES.