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The activities of HMOs, FMCs, and IPAs are praised by one body (OHMO) as stimulating competition in health services.

The point, however, I wish to bring out now, although I shall deal with it more fully directly, when discussing primary uterine inertia, is that when possible it is advisable to administer infundibulin a few days before inserting the bougie or pack, in order to sensitize the uterus. Rhachitis is always a coustitutioual disease, and its manifestations may be divided under two headings: The enlargement of the spleen has not been as frequently met with as claimed by Kuttner. Slightly acid preparation, much used as a mild laxative. The only two contra-indications to this method of which Dr. As soon as they are absent I think all local treatment may be stopped, as a rule. To repeat: When an ab normality of carbohydrate metabolism is demonstrable, the patient is no longer prediabetic. Once strictured, years of dilation may be required to restore and maintain adequate function, or extensive reconstructive surgery may be necessary. Bruce as" Sacred to the Gods of the Shades below.

He was formerly chief of pulmonary diseases reviews at the Orange Hospital Center, and was a Fellow of the American College of Chest Physicians.