By George Thomas A second edition of this excellent text-book is an expected outcome of its manifest value (

In the future more accurate and less timeconsuming methods of taking an impression of the eye will be evolved. Sometimes, likewise, it was not until some days after the operation, that it came on for the first time, and it was speedily followed by the loss of the eye at the very moment it seemed out of danger.


They may be briefly stated as follows: It promotes nutrition of every part it excites; produces marked local and general circulatory effects, and stimulates the vasomotor nervous system. The heart may also I purposely omit any discussion of the prophylaxis of the condition, but let me digress just far enough to express a conviction.

All the phagocyte theory was condemned and regarded with Professor Buchner as" a fable." So also the bacillus typhosus was not the cause of typhoid fever, nor can the comma bacillus be regarded as the essential element in the production of an attack of cholera ( - a remarkable variety of pathological bone proliferation is the progressive ostcitosis met with in young dogs. Wecli.vgtox had seen one similar case in a woman three or four months pregnant. If all our efforts have failed so far, it is because the bladder has not had sufficient rest. The normally homogeneous pericolic fat (p) is largely replaced by numerous linear strands that terminate posteriorly in a small fluid collection (white arrow) ( This causes it to become prominent for centimeters above the knee, and the vessel is isolated subcutaneously upward and downward in the same manner.

Strain of the inferior calcaneoscaphoid ligament is an example which should be famihar. He had no pain in the head of the penis nor in the testicle. The mistakes resulting from this conclusion have led us often far afield and sometimes result in disaster to the patient.

On the addition of acids (especially hydrochloric acid) the "" calcium salts are dissolved and the presence of calcium carbonate is indicated by the immediate effervescence (carbonic acid). Tliey also had the range of a forty-acre wood lot. The chief reason so many mothers are dying is that they are not receiving the benefits of our knowledge. A nervous influence also unquestionably exists, as appears in the insufficiency caused by psychical emotion and in death from"broken heart." The heart possesses a very complicated system of motor nerves, which may be weakened by disease without alterations of the heart muscle.

If the muscles fall short in performing their function, the condition of Hgamentous strain is induced, and from this results disabihty and eventually deformity. Differ ences of as much as one millimeter in the radius of curvature of the vertical and horizontal meridians of the anterior segment of the eye were found. In a quarter of an hour more, and in twenty-five minutes after the poison had been administered, the movements of the heart could not be felt, nor could its sounds be heard; but, on applying the ear to the chest, a loud bronchial souffle was detected, which continued to increase for some time, and then a rattling noise was heard in the throat. Dear Sir: We herewith enclose you certificate of Beneficiary Scholarship awarded Red River County by the Trustees of the Louisville Medical This certificate duly filled out and signed by yourself as Representative will entitle any poor but deserving young man selected by you from your county to the privileges of the Beneficiary Scholarship, the fee for which The officers of the college do you the justice to believe that you will, as early as possible on receipt of this certificate, endeavor to find in your county some worthy young man who through your efforts can thus materially be aided in securing a medical education. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Views expressed do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the editors. Possibly, the washing out of the stomach may help in the elimination of the poison. If this should fail after great force has been exerted, do an Scarlet Fever Reproduced by Inoculation; Some Important needle was introduced into the skin, never through it into the subcutaneous connective tissue.