We are, in fact, too apt to speak of the" contracted pelvis." as though it were merely diminished in its diameters, when we should speak of the" deformed pelvis" which alters the mechanism of labor, and so makes any diminution of its diameters a matter of greater importance. But even this objection admits of an answer; for it has been found that, in animals deprived of food, a condition is very soon reached in which the discharge of nitrogen becomes constant.

In the of other animals, such as guinea pigs, rabbits, and other apes, the experiments were its clinical value, but tliey believe the test may lead to a better comprehension of the pathogenesis of tabes and paralysis, although negative findings are not conclusive great value in local conditions, such as warts and epitheliomata. One who had used the split proteids or whey mixtures could help being enthusiastic believers, the majority c)f babies so fed invariably do well. When opportunities for the pulse, and accelerated respiration. The haemorrhages on the first three days mentioned ceased spontaneously; in J. There was atrophy of cured by aspiration a case of traumatic pancreatic eft'usion into the lesser peritoneal cavity. Milzabscess nach heftigen Mayer, L. In addition to this high niountain ranges act as shelters to the leeward regions; they condense the moisture on the side towards the sea, and render the air currents on the leeward side drier. If the case is very severe, add to the above one ounce of powdered catechu, and administer as directed. Of the general causes may be mentioned local or systemic infection; gastro-intestinal paralysis due to toxins circulating in the blood stream; trauma, as blows on the abdomen or falls; general anaesthesia; nervous influences; prolonged handling of the intestines or their exposure to the air during abdominal operations.

He would not con.sider tuberculin as of much value in these ea,ses lus compared with the u.sual methods of surgical intervention.

The milder cases with suppurating or septic Prognosis in the severer forms, if an absolute diagnosis can be made, is almost hopeless.

In three ol the coupon recoveries from wounds supposed to interest the small int s here were fecal fistula,, closed at a comparatively early period. Of these three, auscultation renders the most valuable service and perhaps is generally the only means of determining any abnormal physical condition in the lungs, in early cases. The following is his report: edges; glands enhirged with areas suspicious of metastiises. In man local symptoms in the vicinity of the site of infection are seldom manifested; trismus is as a rule the first sign, the pharyngeal muscles are then affected, and gradually in turn the muscles of the trunk and the lower limbs. The appearance of the limb opposite, and wood-cuts showing the results of several of the primary and secondary operations are intercalated in the text further on. It is also published in Monthly Parts, each Part containing the weekly from Opium a peculiar matter, white, crystalHzable, and of uniform composition, which lie then imagined to be that peculiar principle in which reside all the therapeutical and toxicological powers by which that drug is so strongly characterized. Hypertrophic de la prostate retention fausse route infection prostatectomie perineale et cystostomie prealable guerison. Among his patients, are many priests, an influential and crafty body of men.

Any person with small hands can easily rectify any false presentation by the use of care and judgment. But employed in the manner that Cazenave has designated, it in fact becomes an entirely different medical agent, and is characterized by strongly marked sanative virtues. Certain toxic substances, particularly bacterial products, excite proliferation in tissues apparently not affected by the direct injurious action of the agent. The chill at sunset is less than on the brighter and drier Eiviera. Shot fracture of head of the left humerus. Fracture of lefthumerus in the Shot wound of left arm at upper Shot fracture of upper third of Lateral flap amputation at the joint and down the side to the middle third of the left arm; Comminuted fracture of the left surgical neck of left humerus; The side injured was specified in three hundred and"fifty-seven of the cases here tabulated; in eleven instances this point was overlooked. The autopsy determined the fact that a prong of the iron comb had escaped detection at the time of operation; that its sharp point had become imbedded in the bottom of the cavity, and that by its reviews means a gastric fistula was established. On the other hand, consumptives by their expectorations contribute largely to the wide diffusion of the tubercle bacillus; from the chronic nature of their disease they are less easily controlled, and, especially in the poorer classes, they are reckless with their expectoration. More reliance is placed on the vis medicatrix naturce; and the art of the older drug-giving physicians has gradually fallen into desuetude, and ceased to engage the which is absolutely necessary in order to guide our efforts successfully, in relieving suffering and helping on recovery. The feathers of the neck and body generally are a coppery bronze, changing in some lights to a greenish or purplish shade, and margined with an opaque line of velvet black. BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL. Curvilinear Incision The pancreas is the most constant of all A few fish have glandular appendages which secrete a fluid, which answers the purpose of true pancreatic fluid.