Nutrition, Diets, Foods and Physical Activity

Nutrition and health, diet and nutrition, such as foods for our well-being, how to choose and cook foods that are good for our body. The Mediterranean diet. The dangers of fast slimming diets, the role of physical activity. Here many content to understand how to protect our health with nutrition. Cholesterol, triglycerides.

Obesity and overweight

Obesity, what it is and how it deals with it. When you are obese or overweight.

How to maintain weight form, control weight and metabolism. How to evaluate your body mass index (IMC). We also address the issue of childhood obesity and its prevention. What are the health consequences when you are obese or overweight?

Diets for weight loss, slimming diets, effective diets, fast diets, weight form, tips and tricks to lose weight.

After some considerations on diets and weight control, here we talk about some types of slimming diets starting from 800 calories daily to maintenance. But be careful, you need to lose weight with intelligence, so we provide several recommendations not to harm your health.


Dispelling many food myths and those related to fast diets. Great space for the Mediterranean diet, of which we reveal its secrets and tell of its antioxidant characteristics. You will also find indications on the use of animal and vegetable fats.

Here you will also find some examples of diets for diabetes mellitus, for the treatment of celiac disease, for hypercholesterolemia, chronic renal failure, peptic ulcer.

Feeding in Menopause

The type of diet can effectively counteract the symptoms of menopause. Here are some useful tips to adopt a healthy menopause diet.

Some tricks to reduce the consumption of salt, how to cook the foods. Does oil hurt? How much is recommended to eat in menopause? Are sweets allowed? In this section we also talk about how legumes, seeds and vegetables can reduce the annoying symptoms. Great attention also to soy isoflavones and how to keep cholesterol low. Here too we will illustrate how Mediterranean cuisine can be beneficial for menopausal women.

Feeding in pregnancy

Dietary suggestions in pregnancy. What diet for your mother, what a healthy pregnancy, forbidden foods and recommended foods. The use of narcotic substances and drugs, alcohol in pregnancy is to be avoided? The deficiency of iron, proteins and folic acid. What is the ideal weight. Here the answers.

Physical Activity

Physical activity to lose weight, but not only. The health benefits, how and when.

Is walking longer than life? Run, how and how much. Are there rules for trekking? What are the risks and the needs of exercise? In These pages we will talk about how physical activity is at the service of good health and brings benefits not only for the muscles and bones, but also for the mind.


In This section we talk about: Women’s health, Child and Adolescent Nutrition, Adult nutrition, obesity and overweight, Physical Activity, health and lifestyle, Diet-Related diseases.

Nutrition and Health

The type of power can be an ally or an enemy of our health. Here we talk about how to prevent problems, how to moderate fats to fight cholesterol, adult nutrition and a healthy diet.

Here are the topics in this section. Adult Nutrition: The basics of a healthy diet. Eat to overcome stress, what’s true. Anorexia and bulimia, eating disorders. Orthorexia nervosa: When eating healthy becomes an obsession. Adult nutrition: moderate fats. Immune system and nutrition. Migraines, nutrition and headaches. Glycemic index, what is it?


And again: how to feed when cholesterol is too high, how to prevent and cure with diets and foods. What is the metabolic or insulin-resistance syndrome. How to behave with high blood pressure and diabetes. What about food allergies? What are the symptoms and how do they cure. We do not neglect intestinal health, and we face the problem of the lazy intestine. Finally we talk about the nutrition and the health of the woman, the importance of iron and folic acid.

Feeding children from first year to adolescence

Food and diet, often the two terms are correlated with each other but we go deeper.

In This section we address different topics, from the type of foods to their mode of cooking to excessive caloric intake. The importance of fiber in the daily diet, because it does not exceed with the consumption of fats, salt, sugar and alcohol. The importance of proteins. How to cook on the grill or fry without damaging health, then cook in the right way our foods. What are the risks of fried foods and sauces?

Food and Foods

We will also talk about coffee and the known effects of caffeine. Are the sweeteners harmful? and soda and sugar? What role do carbohydrates have in our diet? Artichokes, medicinal properties, recipes and tips. You can not miss soy, important food for the prevention of breast cancer and the symptoms of menopause.

Lose weight with the chitosan, is that right? If the type of nutrition depends on our wellbeing, we should not forget the Omega 3 fatty acids for cardiovascular health.

Finally, food safety. GMOs, genetically modified organisms such as recognizing them. Labels, key elements of consumer choice. Food supplements, what are they really need?

Recipes for Menopause

Cooking recipes for a healthy menopause diet. A cookbook with examples of dishes, foods and cooking modes.
Natural Remedies and medications

In This section we talk about drugs and natural remedies that can solve some recurring health problems.

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