From its general construction, however, I concluded it -to be a violet-ray sterilizer. The operation of thyrotomy was i)ractically devoid of danger in itself; its result depended much upon what it was done for.

Another incision was made mto the sac above the occlusion, and a loop of small intestine scarcely constructed slipped back into abdomen. When atrophy is less extreme, there is only a weakness, stiffness, or swaying or staggering on the hind limbs In fatal cases death may occur early in connection with the violent struggles, tlie excited breathing, pulmonary hypo.stasis and congestion, a cyanotic hue of the visible mucous membranes and a gradual increase of stupor. Medication for adequate rest, sleep, and control of cough.

It is important to wait several months after acute diphtheria before operating, as the tonsil is likely to harbor a virulent streptococcus for some time diu-ing convalescence. She was taken to the"Westminster Hospital, where the mother was told that the child had heart disease. A few days later he entered hospital, when a fusiform swelling in the region of Hunter's canal was observed.

A patient is admitted to hospital for scarlet fever and reported as such.

He added that he was not clear whether, as it was desired to' sell a product made outside the United Kingdom, the application The Comptroller rejilied that it not an absolute bar in this case, because. There is much evidence thnt tb.e conditions by which the surgeon in this war is confronted are very different from those encountered in South Africa. A shrapnel bullet struck this inau in the lower part of the' lomen, passed through the pelvis, just missing the bladder, I linally lodged high up in the femur. With the French, while this arrangement in no wise measured up to their wishes, the objections were not so serious, for the reason that volunteer personnel could be depended upon to run the necessmy kitchens and infirmaries at railroad stations. Kuhnert records that the fiesh of an overdriven horse proved fatal to the pigs that ate it.

A predisposition to the affection occurs in the weak and debilitated, the over- worked oxen, underfed cattle, in those that are just recovering from a severe illness and in which the gastric secretions and functions are still poor. The enormous development of adipose tissue and of lipomata in such animals is essentially abnormal, though it is a deviation from the natural that is esteemed as evidence of excellence, and a necessary condition of success in the meat producing industry. As I have said, Virchow spoke for Germany at the first assembly.

Blackader is about to try seems to be in keeping with the principle which is supposed to exist, viz., that the organs of the body seem to be amenable to their own secretions when taken as remedies. It lies on the edge of the coastal plain The nature of the country is rolling and swamps were prevalent not only within the camp limits but in the territory immediately surrounding it. This is matter of common observation, and it looks very much as if the two circumstances were in relation Where overwork is combined with worry and anxiety the effect is much more rapid In older persons the final effect of overwork, whether moral or sexual, is, however, often the same, softening and insanity. This procedure was not infrequentiy resorted to.

The career of Liebig affords an apt illustration of the axiom that all great men are the architects of their own fortune.