This line encircles the lower half of the breast at its junction with the trunk.

Germs are to be excluded by sterilizing milk and by absolute cleanliness.

The bleeding was arrested at once. Act together on the auricle, and at this time, therefore, the auricular aspiration and the production of the eddies and murmurs must be the strongest. Hazlewood read a proposed document giving best household antidotes to be used in case of poisoning, while waiting for a physician or when one is not to be had. A short time aAer, the patient began to feel pains and formication at the point of the cicatrix corresponding to the radial nerve; then followed anaesthesia and paralysis, with atrophy of the muscles.

One case has a vacuous expression to the face when at rest and is unsteady in gait, and this in spite of full dosage of thyreoids. These are extreme pictures, When should we operate? As we are unable from the signs and symptoms to determine the exact pathologic condition, are we justified in allowing the probability of fatal conditions to continue for such a period of time without action as would place the patient beyond the possibility of rescue even by operative procedure? No! Until such time as the physician is able to determine the exact pathologic condition and danger in the individual case (and, indeed, we must now consider that time far distant), he is not justified at the peril of the patient's life in restraining the surgeon from acting. The hands are thin; no special wasting of the thenar or hypo-thenar eminences, or of the interosseus spaces. There is some pigmentation of the skin and some marked pallor with some lividity and the"stone cold" feeling of the hands, especially of the fingers, was striking, although she was wearing gloves. The opium habit in the East: a study of the evidence to the Koyal See Periodicals (La SaluU Publi RUBNER, M. A stone was removed from the common duct and the gall-bladder drained.

A little acquaintance with dispensary and hospital practice and coupon the records of the health boards is sufficient to show that mental states rank far below the infections, poisons, inflammations, or injuries as makers of symptoms among all classes. At the V with the finger or by stroking the cilia, iiological conditions the conjunctiva may I ul course in health this stimulus is never in the normal subject.

The geologist and physiographer here find a common field for exploration, and can mutually assist each other. The population of Dublin is taken as stationary f rotussor of the Practice of Physic and of Clinical Medicine in the University.scries of cases illustrative of a phenomenon of much interest, and probably of very considerable clinical importance. It would therefore appear that this albimiiuoid product, similar to other species of morbid viras, will excite a special infection evolving fever and ague; and, finally, that this product of vegetable decomposition is the source and origin AH marshes are not unhealthy; some may be wanting in the conditions necessai-y to generate malaria. The dressing is completed by a pressure bandage very firmly applied, which can be loosened if painful in twenty-four hours. Inauguration of a new pathological institute in connection with GLASGOW, W. This has been due not only to the improvements in operative surgery in general, but also to the use of anaesthetics; the perfection of the railway system, which permits an early inspection of the patient by the surgeon; and, finally, the accommodations oflTered to such cases in the numerous hospitals scattered over the land, where, with careful nursing by trained nurses, and the constant presence of the house-surgeon, dangers can be readily met and guarded against which formerly proved fatal for want of these facilities. In the other two it was absent. The Transactions contain beside articles of interest: On the Action of Nitric-Acid in Certain Forms of Cough, Handbook of Obstetric Surgery; Short rules of Practice in the above. Physics dealing with outer experiences review only practically works with terms derived exclusively from the kinesthetic and a part of the dermal and visual experience in its spatial function; these are the senses capable of perceiving matter in motion, and the physicist in using their terms excludes reference to the other senses of the physical group, sight, hearing, and touch.