Neither is it necessary, in prescribing, to make any allowance for changes in the strength of the acid from decomposition, for the part of it which has been decomposed is immediately reconverted into hydriodic acid on being Iodide of Potassium. He concludes that the diagnosis of cirrhosis of the liver is more difficult than is generally supposed, and in three of his cases of cancer the characteristic aspect described by authors was replaced by the earthy tint of That he has submitted eight cases of acute rheumatism to nitrogenous diet, which he believes promises better results in this disease than any other treatment. Examination revealed a well developed, well nourished, white male, who appeared acutely ill.

It is also a notorious sensitizer and every year it kills thousands; disabling reactions reach astronomical figures. Especially Java aud the neighbouring islands. I gave Pain was relieved, and a brick-dust sediment was found in the urine, and by pouring out the contents from a glass goblet, and allowing it to remain a few hours inverted, beautiful stalagmites and stalactites of octahedral crystals of oxalate of lime formed, from a quarter to one and a half inches long, and showing under the microscope stars, fans, rods and dumbell shapes; these were colorless, which is the distinctive difiFerence between the lime deposits and the orange brown colors of uric acid. It is drawn up in a manner very superior to what we commonly meet with in manuals for the dissecting room; and the plan of combining physiological information with the anatomical detail, is likely to be very beneficial. Neumann and Wood, this is to be discussed before the Council with the recommendation that the proposal be submitted to the Constitution and Bylaws Commission for their consideration.

In neuralgia of the face, ionguef etc, galvanism and electro-magnetism have both been used with occasional success; the former being sometimes aided by acupuncture; but the general result has not been Sciatica is an extremely obstinate form of disease, sometimes apparently purely neuralgic, sometimes rheumatic, and in other cases attended with iiiflnmmation of the neurllemraa. It may be mentioned here, as having a special therapeutic bearing, that, instead of the depressed state of all the functions, which might, d priori, have been anticipated, there is, on certain functions, even more so than in the opposite condition of the blood. ABDOMINAL SUPPORTING BELTS for both Sexes; those for Ladies' use, before and after accouchement, are admirably adapted to in the comparatively clumsy contrivances and fabrics hitherto employed. Hence, mental acts and aberrations Abundant illustrations of physical, and what might perhaps be termed vito-pathologlcal correlations, might be readily furnished:

Barrier stated that, to his knowledge, there were only three well authentieatad Since the publication of the last edition of this Treatise, though a very few cases of death following the use of ether have been recorded, I have seen none, in which the details were given, which could be ascribed to the direct and unmixed influence of the ether, or which ought to deter fVom the use of this ansDSthetic in cases not obviously unsuited to it, as in those with existing disease of the brain, or with a eliest, attendant on the exhalation of the vapour, iedicating that it is There arc two points, in connection with the influence of ethereal inhalatiim, which, though strictly pattiologieal, and, therefore, not belonging exactly to the physiological eftecta of ether, may be most conveniently to the anaesthetic influence of etherization by the liinga, and that which it exercises in relaxing spasm. The swelling in this case, after leaving the Hospital, disappeared, and the general health good; no hereditary predisposition; hygienic influence good; present disease supposed to be a fall in the cellar; did not rtotice much to be the matter with his leg until five months afterward, except a little pain in region of hip, with some lameness. An epidemic catarrh, which it is the fashion to call influenza, has been, and is still, very prevalent in London. The following prescriptions were ordered to be taken, and the patient was instructed to visit me daily, for the purpose of being subjected to Daily applications of electricity were made'to the arytenoid muscle, and to the vocal cords -failed to overcome a slight bulging of the centre of the glottis. Analogous motions arising within the clot, terminate, it is conceived, in the development of blood-vessels. Under no circumstances should other persons sign these forms. Frable, Lawrenceburg is the were re-elected president and secretarytreasurer, respectively, of the FayetteFranklin County Medical Society.

Every action that we take as an association affects some group favorably or adversely and thereby Any organization which dedicates itself to public leadership can expect to incite powerful reaction from those whose aims are threatened. Robert Battey, of Atlanta, Ella S. There is no prophylactic measuni against tlie miasmatie fevers at all comparable in ellieacy to the use of this medicine. Nature has provided teeth of three varieties, the cutting or incisors, the tearing or canine, and the grinding or molar, indicating the varieties of food that may be used as they appear. The odour is strong and disagreeable, being somewhat analogous to iodine: the taste is saline (e) One of the globules of seed? and filanieuta sporangia) of which the globules are composed.

On the night came on, and she died suffocated. This last particularly begets a form of monomania in which the patient has an irresistible tendency to One consideration, of a very consolatorjnature, in reference to monomania, is, that education exerts a very powerful influence over it; and to this it belongs to regulate or to extinguish those passions on Avhich the tendency to this from of insanity depends. They have been, in the highest sense, training grounds for the advancement of With the disappearance of charity patients, this training experience is less and covered by health insurance, normally have intern can participate in the care of such cases, the private doctor naturally has final The Journal cites the following figures to Los Angeles Childrens Hospital, one-third Those figures suggest the misleading alarmism of the demand for government rapid spread of private medical coverage suggested by these data is projected into the future it is apparent that in a very few years there will be only a tiny fraction of the population which does not have such Yet to take care of this fraction, it is demanded that the entire population with social security coverage be blanketed into a The untimely death of Dr. The whole trunk was covered more or less with these scale-like incrustations, which extended By many writers upon skin diseases, this aff"ection would be termed eczema inipetiginodes, eczema presenting an impetiginous appearance. The underdosage group gave the follow JOURNAL of the Indiana State Medical Association mg reasons for not taking their medication: five felt there was no purpose in taking medicine when they were having no symptoms, five complained of the pharmacological side effects of the drug, five complained of side effects almost certainly not action (negative placebo effect), four feared they would become dependent on or addicted to the drug, three were so paranoid and suspicious they rejected the drug and two discontinued medication for economic reasons (Table IV).