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In the first place, a bad kind of tar had been employed; and in the second, that it had been boiled in a cracked vessel; by which means the tar, instead of being volatilized, was burnt and decomposed by coming in contact with the iron heater, which produced very" This improper mode of fumigation being corrected, and having employed, according to your Excellency's order, the pix liquida only, such as is employed in the cordage of ships, We conclude by quoting Sir Alexander's general observations. In one family, the fever announced itself by pain and swelling of the inguinal glands, pains in the legs, thighs, and shoulders, and, after the head became affected, the muscles of the superior eyelids were not under the control of the will; the eyes were closed, and continued so till after bleeding, upon which they could open them immediately,, and vision was distinct; the pupil dilated; nor did I notice any preternatural contraction of the pupil in the worst cases. Not only was the diagnosis remarkable in that the patient made it (he was a physician, after all!), but we would like to challenge any of our readers to find that worm on the photocopy of the film. The National Board of Health shall from time to time make examination of specimens of food and drugs collected under its direction in various ports of the country, and shall publish the results in the weekly bulletin. Let us, then, enter into a general consideration of the seat, development, organization, properties, and functions, of this extensively distributed throughout the body. All the muscles of face and upper and lower extremities examined and noted, but details not transferred in this report. - as Rashdall puts It, three deeply rooted instincts of human nature combine to put the custom almost beyond suppression.

Joerg's work on Atelectasis of New-born Infants:

The law under which we act, declares that the Board of Health shall take cognizance of the health interests of the State; shall make sanirary investigations and enquiries in respect to the people; shall investigate the causes of diseases dangerous to the public health, especially of epidemics; shall examine into the sources of mortality; shall study the effects of locations, and employmerits upon tho public health; shall collect items under all these heads for distribution among the people, with the especial purpose of informing them about preventable diseases; that this Board shall be the medical advisers of this State, advising the government as to the sanitary construction and management of all public institutions, and shall direct the attention of the State to such sanitary matters as in the judgment of the Board affect the industry, prosperity, health and lives of the citizens of the State.

The Original colour of his skin was a dark tawny, as our native negroes scommonly are. Hence I was led to conclude that it might be employed with benefit in the latter stages of fever, where vascular excitement is greatly abated, and where the most prominent symptoms are irritation of the nervous centres, with more or less congestion of the gastro-intestinal mucous mem and did not anticipate the very striking results which followed so unexpectedly. Seat of the bacteria in leprosy, attributing the same to the Union Mrdicale. Eurtber iovestigaticrs into tbe field use of a nixture of eodotbal and propbai tor pre-eaergence application to Tolerance ot certain crops to several aguatic herbicides in Cleanup aethod fct electron capture determination of endrin Rapid aethcd for chlorinated pesticide residues in nonfatty Detcriination of micro quantities of some chlorinated Biology and ccntrcl cf the spittlebug Prosapia bicincta in Inheritance of resistance tc endrin in the boll weevil. An excavated ulcer perforating the whole thickness of the skin or mucus membrane. The surface passivation process which supposedly enhances the character and performance of the loptex lOL implant has been held up to suspicion in the past.

Mouilleron, who reported four typical cases, which had been in the service of the Submitted to severe hygiene, under the observation of a sanitary veterinarian, these horses received no therapeutic treatment; they were kept at regular but light work, and received a rational alimentation. This was one of the most singular circumstances I ever witnessed.

XXllbough I am far fioni believing that the calomel in this case was entirely useless, I have no doubt that the cure was decidedly the effect of the opium, especially of the last two lull closes, in which twelve grains were taken in two hours.

One word more as to the circumstances under "" which this plan was applicable. Gorton) a fungoid syphilitic sarcocele. The point of fracture was between the middle and upper third. Although the UH-SPH does not offer formal degrees in either specialization, the occupational-health program is often used as a vehicle to fulfill certain of the certification requirements in those respective fields.

Perhaps one of the most interesting cases, was that of a lad nine years old, who was struck by a passing wagon and immediately complained of pain in the right side. No doubt in genito-urinary wounds it acts mainly as an anti-ferment, thus preventing the decomposition of urea, and by its gently stimulating properties promoting the healing process.

He served for a time during the civil war in a Michigan allowances of a second lieutenant of cavalry, but not the rank. Both of these might be called animal vaccination, but both are very difterent things, indeed, from the method I advocate, and, for over seven years, have exclusively practiced. All fluids tend to increase the quantity: