Yet at the same time it must be remembered that since the child is but the offshoot of the mother, its general mental qualities and habits will be determined largely by her mental qualities and habits during pregnancy. Wolff meanwhile had redirected his major interest to other hormone secretion. Other indications were a There were no malignancies found in any of these patients and there was no postoperative morbidity or mortality. He was unable to sleep that night and took several aspirin.

First recording spectropolarimeter, This was the forerunner Optical rotatory dispersion has been particularly fruitful when applied to nucleic acids and proteins and to the binding An excellent example of the interplay at NIH of physical methods and biomedical problems is seen in the development of at work on an incipient instrumental development in NMR, and Liddel had published an article pointing out the potentialities of NMR in the study of hydrogen bonding. The growing fad for com (Dermatology), Rutgers Medical School, CMDNJ, Piscataway. If the teeth could be kept perfectly clean there would probably be no decay; though it must be admitted there is a great difference in the natural preservative power of the teeth. I am of such a timid nature I hardly know how to commence my talk, and will preface it by taking a drink (of water), as"I am very dry" is a phrase as old as"Hark from the tomb the doleful sound!" and many men How often we hear,"I am mighty dry, my teeth are sore, my gums are swelled, my joints ache," and so on, ad infinitum. A rubber drainage-tube was found in the pleura, which had been lost after one of the previous foul pus five weeks after lobar pneumonia j bacillus coli communis, and others. If tonics now seem to be indicated, a mixture of bark and iron, with a little chlorate of potash, will supplement the treatment very nicely. Abbot in the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal. Chronic nephritis, either diffuse or interstitial, occurred Chronic Changes in Other Organs. This may be due to an irritability about the neck of the bladder for there is usually a cystitis, but is more often caused by the residual urine present for these patients practically never empty the bladder. DRAINAGE IN CHRONIC INTESTINAL CATARRH Chronic intestinal catarrh as we meet with it in practice and as we understand it all too poorly is usually restricted to the colon. After rotation to the left, the head at an agle of of good amplitude and normal rapidity for twenty-six seconds, and pastpointing to the left with both arms. Snedecor was an avid yachtsman and served as ship surgeon on the schooner warn against them. These are charitable organizations whereby infants with their mothers or nurses are transported upon the water, and receive the beneflts of fresh air and cooler temperature for several hours during the hot days of summer. Liter to distinguish a dislocation from a fracture which is not complicated in any way; but in many cases a fracture at the upper arc ihe cases in which errors are often made, and which, even when A few points are given whereby an uncomplicated fracture of the r.iin can be, in most cases, distinguished from a simple dislocation of the shoulder: First, in case of fracture, the hand of the injured arm can be placed by the patient or by another person upon the shoulder of the opposite side, while the elbow is at the same time kept in contact Incase of dislocation, the hand of the injured arm cannot be placed upon the opposite shoulder, cither by the patient or by another person, unless the clboiv is alloivcd to recede froin the Second, in case of fracture, the elbow of the injured arm usiiallylics against the body.

It is by some maintained that the course of the disease is milder in warm climates than in':older ones; yet this seems to be by no means established. As the general staff, department commanders, and commanders of armies in the field have been succinctly described, a short description will be given of the duties of bureau chiefs of the War The supply, payment, and recruitment of the army, and the direction of the expenditures of the appropriations for its support, are by law intrusted to the Secretary of War. At lunch and in conferences, educational sessions and at committee and staff meetings, we observe each other. I have a patient, who contracted influenza about six months ago, who is now, barely able to walk single muscle in a limb will twitch; again, a combination of muscles will take on spasmodic action, causing the limb to be rapidly drawn to one side. In some cases the swelling extends from the side of the nose to the eyelids, which become so swollen and puff"ed that the eye cannot be opened. Such good soporific effects are rather ditficult tc describe, and must be given in a more or less gen eral way.

There is no difficulty, with the exercise of proper attention, in securing the full extraction of whatever sugar is present in a given specimen of blood, and afterwards expressing its amount. If these measures skin over the bony prominence just behind the ear: Veratria, ----- Fifteen grains.

In our county, as pari of some of these changes, we have seen the formation of a physician hospital organization set up to deal with HMOs and contractual matters. The first vertebra, the one just below the skull, is calk atlas.