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In eight cases, in which bone, cloth, hair, or soft organic matters "" had constituted the nuclei, the calculi were of medium or large dimensions, and commonly very friable. At present it does not seem justifiable to operate except in those rare cases when the patient is evidently failing rapidly and yet not moribund at the time of The technique is described in Section The later dangers of infection are met by the routine treatment of septic The causes of immediate death after heart injuries are either nervous or mechanical: first, by interference with the ganglia presiding over the movements of the organ; and, second, by the eflTusion of blood into the pericardial sac, thus compressing the organ and hindering its action. A secondary clot ascended to the bifurcation of the aorta arid then descended in the right iliac and femoral soft and non-adherent; those on the right side especially floated in the arteries which they did not fill. A straight incision BIX inches long; two ligatures; bat little luennirhage. The American Medical Association last June through its Board of Trustees and Council program to improve the health and medical care situation in the United States. Properly used, it refreshes after fatigue, enlivens the dull, and cheers the depressed, while it aids digestion, promotes the removal of effete material, and has some protective virtue against the extremes.of heat and cold. Of the Few conditions are more trying to both physician and patient alike than migraine.

Most of these were of the poorer type structurally and from an operation standpoint. Body only fairly nourished; thorax not opened, but no pulmonary symptoms evident during lite. If the small doses of calomel fail to move the bowels within the first twenty-four hours they may be aided by a full rectal enema of warm chloride of sodium (common salt), which will generally be followed by free evacuations of both faces and urine. McRoynolds Head and throe inches of shaft inches of the upper part of the and one inch of shaft of right shaft of humerus and a portion Shot wound of the left shoulder Shot fracture of left humerus. The plant is, therefore, recommended highly as a famine-food in districts subjected to severe of the potato among us.

As a rule, it diminishes more or less rapidly during convalescence or even during but exceptionally it lasts for months or The agglutination-test is of the utmost imjKJrtance in finally settling the diagnosis in doubtful cases. Only in this manner can we as an enlightened and progressive people deal effectively with it. A myoma or muscle tissue tumor is composed of muscle fibres, together with an accompanying vascular connective tissue. The gonococci tend to penetrate the mucous membrane and to develop in its deeper layers, thus establishing also a periurethritis. See Toxic Foods: Break-bone Fever. By the synchronous development of the nodules and of a vascular connective tissue growth, there may be produced ofravish-white, gravish-red and yellowish-red tumor-like masses from the size of an egg to that of a fist, which are piled up about and over each other as large excrescences, covering considerable surface areas and reaching perhaps a weight of from twenty to forty kilogrammes. It has also been employed as an antiperiodic, and is said to be an excellent tonic during convalescence fitjm exhausting diseases. The purposes, as outlined to us by Mr. Unless prompt treatment is instituted the patient usually dies. The question of the grouped together to demonstrate the creditable share of American surgeons in advances many cases of disability possibly susceptible of alleviation by urethroplasty. The subsequent history of the case was bone, with free discharge of pus from distinct sinuses on the dorsal surface of the arm. The tabular forms, when fresh of soft consistence and of greasy, slimy appearance, are mainly made up of cystin. When some people have finished with a culture plate they throw it aside, and that is the end of it. The application of a cap-shaped splint seems advisable." upper extremity of the humerus are generally compound, and, from the extent of the injury, often demand resection or amputation of the entire arm, says:" If an effort be made to save the arm, splints will not be applied, and the treatment will have little or no reference to the existence of a fracture; it will be directed only to the reduction or prevention of the inflammation, etc." main issue should be the preservation of the usefulness of the hand and fingers. The patient died ok the fifth day of infections peritonitis.

It may be an extension from carcinoma of the uterus; in fact, the disease rarely originates in the vagina. The submucous and polypoid tumors retain some of the glandular structure of the mucosa, while a variety called adenomyoma is partly composed of glandular structure, and when cut presents the appearance of a coarse net-work of fibres, instead of the As they develop they usually deviate somewhat from the type.

Small amounts may be sent in Delivered at the ojien'mg of the Leeds Scltool of Medieine.